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Hello Sarah,


Thank you for this constructive suggestion.  Olga and I are meeting with our ICANN colleagues tomorrow to flesh out the December 2nd agenda. After listening to a couple of previous Zoom recordings over the weekend to make sure I was fully appreciating everyone’s concern, we have been discussing some tweaks to the table. 


Given the sensitivity within the group regarding the use of the term “aspirational definition” and how that may distract us from our other goals, I think a Gap Analysis table may be the most prudent way forward.  After consultation with our ICANN colleagues tomorrow we will share an update table to help assist the group with their outstanding work. 


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Hello all,


The RrSG representatives to this Accuracy Scoping Team have reviewed the homework assignment for the aspirational definition of accuracy and appreciate the approach taken here, beginning with identifying problems that need to be addressed and ways the problem(s) may already be documented or understood. 


That said, we are not certain that this is the right time or venue to work towards a new meaning or type of accuracy for registration data. Instead, we believe the Scoping Team should focus on working through our Instructions from the GNSO Council in the order they were provided, and the fact-based approach at identifying problems and gaps should be used to help us understand the current landscape and definition of registration data accuracy. 


To this end we propose creating a slightly different chart, which would in one column hold the elements of the current definition of registration data accuracy, and in the others would track the goals or intent of that definition, how it can be measured, and finally any information as to its efficacy. This would bring us closer to completing Instruction #1 (consideration of what compliance with the existing contractual data accuracy obligations means) and #2 (provide recommendations for how accuracy levels can be determined and measured) and subsequently give us a solid basis to work through #3 (undertake an analysis of the accuracy levels measured to determine if they are effective) and #4 (assess if changes to current practice are needed).


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