[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] Admin Email Update

Michael Palage michael at palage.com
Tue Oct 12 11:59:11 UTC 2021

Hello All,


So here are the administrative items I raised last week and which I wanted
to set forth in more detail as promised.  If there are no objections on
these points today, I would like to have our ICANN Org colleagues move
forward with helping us implement these action items.


*	I would like to utilize the use of Alternate members similar to the
practice used during the EPDP phases to help distribute the workload and to
hopefully prevent burn out. I heard no objections last week, but want to
raise the issue again and confirm consensus before asking the various
stakeholder groups to designate their alternative members. If we move
forward with this recommendation I would ask the various stakeholder groups
to prioritize those individuals from under represented ICANN regions: South
America, Africa and Asia/Pacific.


*	I would like to propose the use of a dedicated and moderated email
address to solicit information from third parties that may not be a member
of one of the existing stakeholder groups. All email would go to a separate
public archived list, and ICANN Org would then share any relevant
contributions to the main Accuracy Scoping mailing list.  ICANN is currently
using a similar public email address in connection with the SSAD, see
https://www.icann.org/ssadodp  Finally, since there is no anticipated public
comment period with our work, the use of this email will further maximize
the ability for the community to contribute. If there are no objections,
ICANN Org will take the necessary steps to set up this email and included it
on the current Accuracy Scoping wikipage. 


Best regards,





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