[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] Proposed Alternative Text & Next Steps

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Aug 23 02:51:53 UTC 2022

Marc Anderson inserted the new proposed text into the Google Doc, but 
as it is just a suggestion, it is not possible to target comments at 
particular parts of the new text.

Can staff please edit in this new text (accepting Marc's insertion is 
fine) so that we can make specific comments.


At 2022-08-19 09:34 AM, michael palage.com wrote:

>Dear All,
>As mentioned in my message earlier this week, my hope is to have one 
>more call to finish up our work on the write up for assignments #1 
>and #2. In order to do this, I would like to draw your attention to 
>the following:
>    * All minor edits / placeholders have now been accepted in the 
> Google doc as no concerns were flagged.
>    * Following our discussion last week, the edits made during the 
> call as well as the footnote have been incorporated in 
> recommendation #2. Note that some additional language has been 
> added to the footnote to provide context for it. The alternative 
> proposal #2 has been removed as well as all comments that related 
> to these two recommendations as these are considered addressed.
>    * Below you will find an alternative proposal for recommendation 
> #3 that the leadership team has developed with the staff support 
> team as a proposed alternative recommendation that would replace 
> recommendation #3, alternative #3, and the new recommendation #4. 
> We hope that this captures the different sentiments that have been 
> expressed and aligns with the scoping team's discussions to date.
>As also indicated, I would like to encourage you to continue the 
>conversation via the Google doc and mailing list leading up to what 
>I expect to be our last call before the write up for assignments #1 
>and #2 is submitted to the GNSO Council. If after this call there is 
>no agreement on the proposed alternative recommendation, groups will 
>have the ability to provide their statements for inclusion in the 
>report. Statements would need to be provided by Thursday, 1 
>September at the latest, and kindly ask you to indicate by Monday, 
>29 August at the latest whether your group is planning to submit one.
>With the submission of the report, I will also request the GNSO 
>Council to commence its search for a replacement chair as soon as 
>possible but obviously finding and confirming a replacement may take 
>a bit of time.
>Proposed alternative recommendation (replacing recommendation #3, 
>alternative #3 and new #4)
>The Scoping Team recognizes that work in relation to proposals that 
>require access to registration data may be impacted by current 
>outreach being undertaken by the ICANN org at the request of the 
>ICANN Board. This outreach may provide further clarity on the 
>processing of personal registration data under the GDPR.
>As a result, the Scoping Team recommends that the GNSO Council 
>requests ICANN org to proceed with this outreach as a matter of 
>urgency and provides regular updates on the status of its outreach. 
>The Scoping Team would recommend that the GNSO Council specifically 
>calls out the importance of finalizing the Data Processing Agreement 
>between ICANN and the contracting parties as well as proceeding with 
>a Data Privacy Impact Assessment in connection with the scenario in 
>which the request and processing of Registrant data takes place in 
>relation to a sub-set of domain names, for example, those identified 
>by ICANN org through monthly DAAR reports as associated with 
>security threat activity.
>Best regards,
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