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Volker Greimann volker.greimann at centralnic.com
Thu Feb 3 15:51:58 UTC 2022

Hi all,
as I was on the road earlier, I could not read Steves rebuttal of my points
in the chat, but I was surprised that this basic point gave rise to one, so
maybe I was unclear in how I presented it.

To scope an issue with accuracy that can be used as a basis for the work of
a future PDP, we do need evidence that there currently, right now there is
an issue with the accuracy that is so impactful that it warrants setting
aside volunteer and ICANN staff time to find a solution.

So far, we have heard incidental evidence that can or cannot provide an
insight, but does not allow to draw a general conclusion. In the end, the
cases that give rise to such reports could be looked at as edge cases as
all abuse essentially is an edge case to all the non-abusive registrations
that significantly outnumber those being used in an abusive manner.

To effectively lead to a PDP that can make meaningful policy
recommendations, we must first identify a general problem that this policy
should address. The more defined the issue is scoped, the better. If on the
other hand, we cannot even identify a general problem, is there a need for
policy work at all?

I was wondering about Alans statement that there is historical data that
shows issues with accuracy, but having looked at the same data sets from
previous ARS studies, the opposite seems to be the case. From round to
round, the ARS data has shown the trend towards more accuracy, e.g.
accuracy has been improving as a result of the 2013 RAA. Moreover, the
contactibility rating of registration records showed that almost all data
sets fulfilled the purpose of contactibility.

Side note:
Alan also alluded to cases of testing the forwarding functionalities of
various contracted parties, but have such failures been brought to the
attention of the affected contracted parties so they could analyse and fix
those issues? Or to the attention of ICANN compliance? If these cases have
been as common as indicated, should there not have been a significant
number of reports in the recent compliance updates and/or compliance action
to address these deficiencies?

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