[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] UDRP review

Scott Austin saustin at vlplawgroup.com
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I concur with Steve and believe this is a useful exercise. As one who has been involved in UDRP matters for many years would like among those participating in the small team you mention.

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This touches directly on things I'm currently paying attention to.  I'll be glad to participate.


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Several times during our deliberations, the issue of registration data accuracy and UDRPs has been raised, with Becky even suggesting an X/Y summary in chat last week. Although some anecdotes were provided, the CPH would like to propose a review of UDRP decisions to determine the extent of registration data inaccuracies in UDRPs, as well as the impact of those inaccuracies on UDRP proceedings. We believe that obtaining comprehensive data regarding the issue should help guide our deliberations.

Two UDRP providers (WIPO and the Forum) have easily accessible (and searchable) Decisions. WIPO has almost 49,000 Decisions (of which 764 include the word “inaccurate”), and the Forum has almost 32,000 Decisions (of which 188 include the work “inaccurate”). The other providers do not have easily accessible online databases (or limited search capabilities).

The CPH proposes the Scoping Team create a small team to determine how to gather and then review the data. There are several methods to do so, and we think this is something that is well suited to a small team.


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