[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] FYI - Latest Developing Board Guidance on RDS Accuracy

Brian Gutterman brian.gutterman at icann.org
Mon Mar 7 17:37:43 UTC 2022

Hi all,
As Becky has referenced during our session today, the below was sent to the GAC leadership from Goran yesterday re. some of the latest thinking and discussions of the Board re. registration data accuracy.

RE:  For GAC Leadership Information – ICANN73 Prep – Latest Board Feedback Planned on Accuracy of Registration Data

Dear Manal and GAC Vice-Chairs,

As you know, the Board had some productive workshop discussions this weekend regarding continued ICANN org efforts to ensure the accuracy of registration data. As a result of the discussions, further Board guidance has been developed for how to address these issues going forward.

The language set forth below has been developed as a guide for further oral discussions the Board may have with community groups during ICANN73. It is likely to be shared Monday during discussions with the GNSO and later in the week during the GAC’s meeting with the ICANN Board.

“The ICANN Board first of all would like to highlight its support for continued efforts to ensure the accuracy of registration data.

ICANN org continues to advocate for greater clarity from the competent European authorities on several outstanding questions and issues regarding the application of the GDPR to registration data when opportunities arise. The issue of data accuracy is one of the areas that would benefit from greater clarity.

In relation to data accuracy, the ICANN Board has requested ICANN org to prepare a number of specific scenarios for which it will consult the EDPB on whether or not ICANN org has a legitimate purpose that is proportionate, i.e., not outweighed by the privacy rights of the individual data subject(s) to request Contracted Parties to provide access to individual records as well as bulk access to registration data in order to review the accuracy of registration data.

The ICANN Board is of the view that this clarification will further inform discussions on this topic and will be helpful to address the issue of accuracy, as ICANN org could take further steps like restart the WHOIS ARS.

The EC has committed to facilitate ongoing dialogue with the EDPB and European DPAs. We hope the EC will help bring this question to the level of the EDPB.

We highlight that the CPs have a responsibility for the accuracy of the data.

A Registrant has to provide accurate data to a Contracted Party who has the obligation to confirm that existing accuracy requirements are being met. If a Registrant is found not to meet the obligation to provide accurate data, the registration will be suspended.

Furthermore, upon notification by any person of an inaccuracy, including at CPs own initiative, in the contact information associated with a Registered Name sponsored by Registrar, Registrar must take reasonable steps to investigate that claimed inaccuracy.

But here is the problem, Registration Data is no longer publicly available which makes it difficult if not impossible to see if the Registrant listed is Mickey Mouse. Even for ICANN org.”

Please let me know if I can provide further preparation information for the GAC meeting with the Board later this week.



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