[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] FYI - New Data Accuracy Data Points

michael palage.com michael at palage.com
Tue Jan 31 14:33:29 UTC 2023

Hello Accuracy Scoping Team Members,

While the Accuracy Scoping Team is on hiatus, I thought I would share a couple of interesting data points that the group may find of interest.

At the top of the hour, DomainCrawler will be doing a webinar on KYC Practices for Registrars and Registries. For those interested here is a link to the sign-up page, see https://domaincrawler.clickmeeting.com/kyc-practices-for-registries-and-registrars/register

The EC has also issued a call for a study on domain name registration data

Hopefully, when the Scoping Team is re-engaged we will have some additional data to consider.

Best regards,

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