[Gnso-epdp-idn-team] welcome & preparations for the IDN EPDP

Satish Babu sbabu at ieee.org
Tue Aug 3 03:58:35 UTC 2021

Dear all

By way of introduction, here's some information on me.

I am the Chair of APRALO and was a member of the IDN Implementation
Guidelines 4.0 WG. I'm the Chair of UA-Tech WG and the Co-chair of the ALAC
WG on IDNs. I'm based out of India (UTC+05:30).

With kind regards


On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 2:08 AM Tan Tanaka, Dennis via Gnso-epdp-idn-team <
gnso-epdp-idn-team at icann.org> wrote:

> Hello Edmon, and everyone
> Per the action item, let me introduce myself:
> I'm Dennis Tan, one of the three members representing the Registries
> Stakeholder Group (RySG). I'm a senior platform manager at Verisign where
> one of my main responsibilities is all things IDN. As far as relevant
> experience on the subject matter I have participated in a few working
> groups, including:
> - Charter drafting team of this IDN EPDP
> - Root Zone LGR Technical Study Group
> - Latin Script Generation Panel
> - IDN Implementation Guidelines
> I look forward to working with all of you.
> Best,
> Dennis
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> wrote:
>     Caution: This email originated from outside the organization. Do not
> click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know
> the content is safe.
>     Dear EPDP Team members,
>     Welcome to the EPDP Team tasked with reviewing Internationalized
> Domain Names (IDNs). I'm looking forward to working with all of you on this
> EPDP. You should have received an invite for our first meeting, which is
> scheduled for Wednesday, 11 August 2021 at 14:00 UTC, though not ideal for
> some, we did want to get moving and in our first meeting we will identify
> our recurring date/time for our regular meetings going forward. In case you
> are unable to join the first meeting, please do let us know ahead of time
> your general preference for the day-of-week and times for meetings. I want
> to share a few notes in advance of our first meeting to help ensure that we
> can get through all of the start-up tasks for the Working Group in a timely
> manner.
>     In preparation for the first meeting, please take the time to begin
> familiarizing yourself with the following materials:
>     - IDN EPDP Charter <
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1lFkgLSl8xJaTaMkpDQfCCv41gIapL-ldIOtiBqnWue-WGblxI1-QYFwZtnDdw_Rl9jWS4nwxsffMP-Dj4QFMSEAbNTacTYRo8FCsUITaLFokkf5eXXWEQyv9Oa780I05YeWkEdxd1yImD-Wyr0xLHC3ecNrGhAHr9lqx5-gcNdwz_gTzjZ7K-3iknVbE3plfFpWz4un47l_gNy4loPWEMDOSg2gdrIESpsabPU5h_3EUEFmKAFgdd43htnPpfYXm/https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.icann.org%2Fdisplay%2Fepdpidn%2F2.%2BCharter
> >
>     - New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Final Report (Topic 25:
> Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) starting on page 114) <
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1GHg_PpwqJFK7PG8ZpvRkvSTPBIdhOQkbsgU4ZUZv476BpvzmJOU1l7WJJEZDgA_R705LFe9sBb8Zw0gibo0NNBRwGmr_8U_YljBEM1-jmbpvF4rT3G99nOk_WP-AHQW8swSE1ZWxZHJ1JGjqFYlFVPkzWJqUFoFQKJAAmOJHUGIIAxWFVr0j4ysiwPKl1nEsYDKx1cIJpMnC06SvNETTEi1FWq4bhH_xFkjSiEfR8l4CAVvTcu0l3wjZJ8WFk6xf/https%3A%2F%2Fgnso.icann.org%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2Ffield-file-attach%2Ffinal-report-newgtld-subsequent-procedures-pdp-02feb21-en.pdf
> >
>     - IDN Variant TLD Implementation Staff Paper<
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1-K3k0VLV8DToY4KaKjUMRK4phNW1tZff6pJtjifrxEU9_Kvmtq8m9jxoUKuLE3lpMNgGuc4wcP_wBxs36kOAIm_ghHQ6Znzt1ST3ftxHVjgmn1xjAATkBNCHZg86bMEtkFxx3UnB00xQgrlbcsrT3YmqtVKQFRnXBKDShK0f4FgTKUYFOeR0WJoUm_Zf8nVAU-992SGXAOXqTuxnjxvvfYViyVxt4QB-wkA1rz47dMFjh3RAZZ7bIWLQITmXsv0N/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.icann.org%2Fresources%2Fpages%2Fidn-variant-tld-implementation-2018-07-26-en
> >
>     - Recommendations for the Technical Utilization of the RZ-LGR<
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1prdTo9Mk8aze7GK8hSpXYrPzabtil1pHykMzgYO2bQmdY7jYA6YpWnD9AjxW8dtiRA5bqs2FjVYnKqbE7vK9FtCbVtKBDU3jA6T8Gob8eZrQVlive8vctaC5X5gMLI0z6Hp7pFHRCgL4HWYBGdngeSJyOccOtO1O5_7ahh-8V0BC-P7zvxuqFM2T3fLMr_d-XZK3Ijwr4Y8B2PYF7N_0pvvLcjlH8-Z5RtUiyScR6abVVBadJ0t5YuXSGt1OCuTw/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.icann.org%2Fen%2Fsystem%2Ffiles%2Ffiles%2Frz-lgr-technical-utilization-recs-07oct19-en.pdf
> >
>     - Consensus Playbook<
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1Tm8tF5j6JBuoh3HECMw3chWne-R9qPfjrpndxLxBXXsO-dLUedb0BZ4H4qYjD5E3u80ApJI_fUCpsKzBAk-iUdVPdIS3VBAARY09sgzPBjnkSwR-QeZp1BedlqcYm1eDP84O-PtRGCK9skt8LDZabkpvpOV9NroodSzb4XiRwC7rUmElFzARuEfijNxeWS2lLZMCtNX2MumS4170-XN6kEnmB1GxBIP-RNuMjcfQax7mGeHhuTfavezYOimwGwqH/https%3A%2F%2Fgnso.icann.org%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2Ffield-file-attach%2Fpdp-3-4-consensus-playbook-03jul20-en.pdf
> >
>     - GNSO Working Group Guidelines<
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1BhXFtYNLjIeCvSpbGK41VPEFuPtiKNQK6vGwGvRIUOXzcpX3nfrF4QLxbQaX3lmv_sYzZrjWswqBvkAtD7EmweW5j2VIQ_FYg18HQJ0hhvaBLrZllOzzVBjSRWefBDB4Bn5i8zXkhDczyZIiDStafDpElkJkOirQ5pkzLuOIWCMSoShcJCldHqsO6wnMBd4jMbyiwrOci1HQj5s5B80_S_kl2On9ASrPcrwQ_x_jOZqwZgORw-mo84vgdVoOIgrU/https%3A%2F%2Fgnso.icann.org%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2Ffield-file-attach%2Fannex-1-gnso-wg-guidelines-24oct19-en.pdf>
> & EPDP Manual <
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1cSEE2RadYZufNS1fdjYfZ-j76Acgo-bTeOhzdC8UilkuJwI22UlFo6hyq1Ucbp6XwEp-NsQyJk6_EAGQcCcsHnZilSxw-3y3n24HpomA0XpyQ9VvWReP1LIsFresWuispzyYg8s5CCPqz7jV7CXlyWKJv2-1VXpUhV2Lr3Lu-EyaquF-hjHvhiqsEAwgeyeyTZzo5IZBFI1x7EcHXpUBwVutPBjnq7IAU0JcmwTd5ih4LZrLOnmhg1NejJSRFjWL/https%3A%2F%2Fgnso.icann.org%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2Ffield-file-attach%2Fannex-4-epdp-manual-24oct19-en.pdf
> >
>     - GNSO IDNs EPDP Community Outreach Session at ICANN71, providing an
> introduction to the EPDP <
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/16JqZ57uoQKut8IovTD8RuZ76Th5840KsvyAwrPKthZcUUHlFndqkSghG78sDtmYd7-S-8N0xlnBqHFgkIZi6Bosu6uDobBy1aaKN9rrJsB-G86zcLeVkWDj5FcATo0BT7VM_uT2mKByFX0p6ax4dOGs_YrOJRZ4zlzcSuwNzrcjfMMp8borz3FNZP8xvODHPKeu0kti2LgavPeMe6eb_ZE4vOVM9HvEn8sKoU7uoJZY7xoDMNL8JfeiW3TYbDVPl/https%3A%2F%2F71.schedule.icann.org%2Fmeetings%2FTZvWRhnydWDPSE64v
> >
>     By the second Working Group meeting, we should expect that everyone
> has carefully read all of these documents. Once you have completed your
> document review, please confirm here<
> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbXhd2L4oAb_Cn22FnjkSoDSj0K-HNcijDZDW_zpvseqXH8A/viewform?usp=sf_link>.
> The goal of this exercise is to ensure that everyone is starting off on the
> same page with the same foundation of information, which will enable us to
> be a more effective team. Leading up to and during that second meeting,
> please feel free to take the opportunity to ask clarifying questions upon
> reviewing the materials.
>     In addition, a comprehensive document library is included on the
> Working Group's workspace (see
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1sHCR10lT227uQQjN3McreDJ8TEZKoHCcK7U-7F5lAy7yJsVUzKoz34OONOariYwuf_B85nnQnAVPeCwA9aibfM1zZBdXpSEe6IToDc4VGyVD-6U9MJRBBNNUJ5cfu3eP7moF_47r0lQbBfzDKuFU3bttURqb6MM1nnbzRLheB4ac-uaFb9Q46RfRsqknX4PfD1aphqZT2mAKWrQtXLqnKgv-fXu4z74WoZyXg6e_1G6tpSFzVmzzT6wN7T0RIrd3/https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.icann.org%2Fdisplay%2Fepdpidn%2F3.%2BBackground%2BDocuments
> An understanding of these documents, especially the Key Resources at the
> top of the page, will help to ensure your full and productive participation
> in Working Group deliberations. In reviewing the document library, if you
> believe any critical documents are missing, please let the ICANN staff team
> know.
>     The following items will be on the agenda for the first meeting:
>     - Welcome from the Chair
>     - Vice Chair: We have an opportunity to select one Vice Chair for this
> Working Group, but we are not required to do so.
>     - Charter: It would be helpful if everyone could read through the
> Charter<
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1lFkgLSl8xJaTaMkpDQfCCv41gIapL-ldIOtiBqnWue-WGblxI1-QYFwZtnDdw_Rl9jWS4nwxsffMP-Dj4QFMSEAbNTacTYRo8FCsUITaLFokkf5eXXWEQyv9Oa780I05YeWkEdxd1yImD-Wyr0xLHC3ecNrGhAHr9lqx5-gcNdwz_gTzjZ7K-3iknVbE3plfFpWz4un47l_gNy4loPWEMDOSg2gdrIESpsabPU5h_3EUEFmKAFgdd43htnPpfYXm/https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.icann.org%2Fdisplay%2Fepdpidn%2F2.%2BCharter>
> before the first call. We will briefly go over some key points and answer
> any questions that members have.
>     - Operating Mode/Working Methods: In our first meeting, we'll talk
> about some of the logistical elements of how we will work, including the
> decision-making process for this Working Group. We'll also review what is
> expected of those participating in this Working Group. From the outset, I
> would like to emphasize the importance of working towards developing
> consensus recommendations, which means working constructively and
> collaboratively to find outcomes that members can ultimately accept. To
> this end, the Consensus Playbook <
> https://secure-web.cisco.com/1Tm8tF5j6JBuoh3HECMw3chWne-R9qPfjrpndxLxBXXsO-dLUedb0BZ4H4qYjD5E3u80ApJI_fUCpsKzBAk-iUdVPdIS3VBAARY09sgzPBjnkSwR-QeZp1BedlqcYm1eDP84O-PtRGCK9skt8LDZabkpvpOV9NroodSzb4XiRwC7rUmElFzARuEfijNxeWS2lLZMCtNX2MumS4170-XN6kEnmB1GxBIP-RNuMjcfQax7mGeHhuTfavezYOimwGwqH/https%3A%2F%2Fgnso.icann.org%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2Ffield-file-attach%2Fpdp-3-4-consensus-playbook-03jul20-en.pdf>
> is among the resources that you are being asked to read by the second
> meeting. We'll be drawing on the methods and techniques in the playbook
> throughout the life of the EPDP, so everyone should be familiar with it.
>     - Work Plan: On our first call, we will have an opportunity to speak a
> bit about the Work Plan and what can be expected in our first weeks of work
> on this EPDP. As a preview, the initial areas of focus will be:
>         - High-level review of the topics within the Charter
>         - Prepare to request input from SO/AC/SG/Cs on topics in the
> Charter
>         - Deliver Work Plan to GNSO Council
>         - Meeting Frequency and Schedule: We'll have an opportunity to
> discuss the meeting frequency and the proposed day/time of the calls.
>         - Coordination with other community efforts on IDNs
>     As standard practice during the first meeting of a PDP/EPDP, members
> will generally do a round of verbal introductions so we can get to know
> each other.
>     Action Item: In this case, given that we have a bit of time until the
> first meeting, I would ask all of the Members to briefly (no more than a
> couple of paragraphs at most) send an email to the list, describing your
> relevant experience/background and any objectives you have for
> participating in this EPDP.
>     I look forward to seeing all of you on the call and hearing from you
> on the list.
>     Best regards,
>     Edmon
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