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Donna at registry.godaddy Donna at registry.godaddy
Mon Oct 11 17:54:40 UTC 2021

Hi All

Now that I have assumed the role of Chair of the IDN EPDP WG as a result of Edmon's impending appointment to the ICANN Board, I'd like to open a call for volunteers for Vice Chair of the WG.

In accordance with the Charter, the WG may select one Vice Chair to assist the Chair.

The Vice Chair can be selected from the WG's Members and Participants; however, if a Member is selected that person would need to change their status to Participant and their appointing organization would be responsible for finding a replacement Member. Expectations for the Vice Chair are explained in the Charter.

This call for volunteers will remain open until this Friday UTC 23:59. If we have more than one volunteer we will run an election process via doodle poll as we did for the previous call.

Thanks for considering.



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