[Gnso-epdp-idn-team] Notes - IDNs EPDP Meeting #39 at ICANN74, Session 1 - 13 June 2022

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Mon Jun 13 15:47:10 UTC 2022

Dear all,

Please find below the notes from the IDNs EPDP Working Session (1 of 2) at ICANN74. Please note that as this meeting was primarily update oriented, the recording should be consulted for details.

Ariel, Emily, and Steve

Notes – IDNs EPDP Call – 13 June 2022

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  *   None

General Update on IDN-EPDP Status

  *   Slide 6 - Review of Project Tracking
  *   Slide 7 - Updates on group 1 (RZ-LGR)
  *   Slide 8 - Update on group 2 (“Same Entity” at the Top-Level)
  *   Slide 9 - Update on group 3 (Variants’ Impact on New gTLD Process)
  *   Slide 10 - Identified upcoming work for the EPDP.

Update on ccPDP4 Progress

  *   Noted importance, as identified by the ICANN Board, that the ccNSO and GNSO coordinate on their respective IDN PDPs.
  *   Slide 12 - ccPDP4 progress to date
  *   Slide 13 - Sub-Group on Variant Management
  *   Slide 14 - How are Variants Generated
  *   Slide 15 - Highlight: Limit Number of Variants that Can Be Delegated
  *   Slide 16 - Highlight: Applicable Policy Aspects
  *   One point of difference between two groups is the treatment for grandfathering existing strings and their variants.
  *   <Question>Where can I read the definition of ‘variants’ and view lists of currently existing variants? Thanks</Question>
     *   Variants are defined as code points that are considered the “same” by a relevant script community and their implementation of the RZ-LGR. The RZ-LGR is therefore responsible for establishing the variants.

Update on String Similarity Small Group Progress

  *   Justine, EPDP vice-chair, is the lead for the small team.
  *   Slide 18 - Problem Statement
  *   Slide 19 - Small Group Tasks
  *   Slide 20 - Progress Status


  *   Preview of meeting 2 on Wednesday. Start deliberating on the same-entity requirements at the second-level.
  *   Leadership believes it will be helpful to deliberations to start with a foundational overview, focusing on the IDN tables.
     *   State with a staff presentation on IDN tables
     *   Finish with Contracted Parties discussion, talking about their practical considerations.
  *   Link to session 2 here: https://74.schedule.icann.org/meetings/2fcvH7fjv9qp3qn9C

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