[Gnso-epdp-idn-team] Charter Question A7

Tomslin Samme-Nlar mesumbeslin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 21:59:53 UTC 2022

Dear everyone,

I would like to make two comments on the Q.A7 discussion the team has had
so far.

First, I think there is value in consulting with the GP to gather
more information to help us develop a better and inform viewpoint on this
issue of single character TLDs. This is something NCSG will strongly

Secondly, we shouldn't be too prescriptive as per the original request to
the GPs, that is to have an exclusive hard list of not acceptable
characters. I however, think if there are characters which are very obvious
to the script experts and that might cause confusion, we could take those
and use them to develop an automated tool for use by applicants before
making an application for a single character TLD. This should help with
predictability and also resolve some of the issues the previous  tool
(SWORD) had.

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