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Kurt Pritz kurt at kjpritz.com
Fri Aug 24 23:43:46 UTC 2018

Dear All: 

As mentioned, there is a homework assignment for our next meeting. I apologize for this coming out so late but I hope you recorded some of these from the meeting discussion on homework and have been thinking about them.

1.     Temporary Specification sections 4.4.1-4.4.13: Please review the attached discussion summary index (DSI) for section 4.4.1-13, as well as your own notes and the record of the triage discussion. Our discussion’s objective is to redline this section so that it complies with GDPR taking into account:
·      advice provided by the EDPB,
·      input that has been provided by other members of the EPDP Team,
(All the information cited above is included in the DSI.)

It will be very helpful if you share proposals regarding each of the with the mailing list as soon as possible, and particularly by Monday 18.00 UTC. The purpose in gathering written comment is so that commonalities can be identified in your proposals in order to better focus the discussion.

2.     Appendix D, E and G: Provide proposed edits (using the DSIs if possible) for Appendix D, E and G, having to do with URS, UDRP and Transfers, respectively. Please share your proposed edits to these sections on the mailing list that would address the comments / issues that have been identified.

Understanding that these sections have already been put into operation, please flag specific changes that are required to be addressed in the initial report, i.e., are of an urgent nature, needing to be addressed as a matter of priority.

Links to all the DSIs will be posted to: https://community.icann.org/x/ExxpBQ <https://community.icann.org/x/ExxpBQ> 

For the meeting Tuesday, I think having printouts of the DSIs and your Temporary Specification would be handy.

In some cases we might decide that certain sections do not affect Temporary Specification compliance with GDPR and can be placed for later discussion. 

I am working on a discussion flow for our next meeting to make efficient and meaningful use of your time. If you have thoughts on this please let me know. I will follow up on this with my thoughts in a subsequent email.

Thanks in advance for providing your thoughts on these issues. 

Best regards,


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