[Gnso-epdp-team] RrSG edits -- Section 4.4

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Thu Sep 6 02:08:16 UTC 2018

I also think most of these are good edits, and greatly improve the clarity of the temp spec. Moreover they are quite consistent with Amr’s critique of 4.4.2.

There is one part I am not sure of, however. Under 4.4.8 I do not know what is meant by “tailored mechanisms designed to protect intellectual property interests…” At the very least I think we want to protect intellectual property rights, not “interests.”

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ePDP Team –

In preparation for tomorrow’s call, please find attached a redline PDF of our edits to Section 4.4 of the Temp Spec, along with a slide/PDF with “clean” language for Kurt & Staff. Matt, Theo and I will walk through these edits, along with our rationale.

Look forward to our discussion tomorrow.



James Bladel

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