[Gnso-epdp-team] Proposed Agenda - EPDP Team Meeting #12 - 11 September at 13.00 UTC

Anderson, Marc mcanderson at verisign.com
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I support Farzeneh’s suggestion.  We seem to spend a lot of our meeting time on “administrative” matters that could largely be covered via email.  By my estimation we were ~35 minutes into our last meeting (meeting 11) before we got to substantive deliberations (on section 4.4 purposes).  On a regular PDP this might not be a concern but with this expedited PDP we have a tight timeline and need to allocate as much meeting time to deliberations as possible.  I suggest that going forward to the extent possible, administrative matters be handled over email.

The first section 2 bullet from the agenda is “Enhanced working methods”.  Looking at that as an example, covering it at the top of the call is likely to generate questions and delay our getting started on deliberation.  If the update on “enhanced working methods” is provided before the call it will give the working group a chance to review and ask questions ahead of the call and hopefully lead to a better use of our limited and valuable meeting time.



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Thanks Marika.

May I suggest that we do the harder part (agenda items 3-4-5) first and then go to agenda no 2? It's better to concentrate on difficult topics earlier in the meeting and when we are fresh.

Thanks a lot. I understand this might not be a suitable approach if one of the issues you want to discuss is a pre-requisite for 3-4-5. Just thought I put it out there.


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   Dear All,

   Please find below the proposed agenda for Tuesday’s EPDP Team meeting. As a reminder, you can find the action items and their expected delivery date/time here: https://community.icann.org/x/NwSNBQ.

   Best regards,

   Caitlin, Berry and Marika


   EPDP Meeting #12 Agenda

   Tuesday, 11 September 2018

   1.   Roll Call & SOI Updates
   2.   Welcome and Updates from EPDP Team Chair

      * Enhanced working methods
      * Update on status of GDPR training
      * Triage report
      * Review outstanding action items
      * Other updates, if applicable

   3.   Next steps: Section 4, Appendix C
   4.   Review data matrix formed from RDS work and Thomas’s chart

      a.        High-level overview of chart
      b.        Discuss proposed amendments to Chart
      c.        Agree on next steps

   5.   Introduction to Appendix A
   6.   Confirm action items and questions for ICANN Org, if any
   7.   Wrap and confirm next meeting to be scheduled for Thursday 13 September at 13.00 UTC.

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