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Thanks Kurt. I think that this is an excellent plan.


At 13/09/2018 12:53 AM, Kurt Pritz wrote:
>Hi Everyone:
>You might remember that during our first meeting 
>I discussed the plan to employ mediation 
>techniques and expertise in order to narrow issues and reach consensus,
>I have remained committed to the idea during the 
>intervening time and think the meeting results 
>thus far strongly point to the need for such 
>expertise. With our current meeting cadence, 
>there has not been sufficient time to step back, 
>evaluate the current situation, and redesign the 
>structure of our discussion in a way necessary 
>to drive toward conclusions. It is no surprise 
>to me that my skillset in managing our work 
>could be augmented with competent, professional 
>assistance. This is especially true given the 
>timeframe with which we are working. (I also 
>think we might demonstrate for future policy 
>development work that professional mediation 
>skills are a necessary part of consensus building.)
>With that in mind, we have retained CBI 
>to provide mediation and facilitation services. 
>CBI was recommended by both Board and staff 
>members who have had good experience with them 
>as an ICANN partner in the past. While mediation 
>is generally applied to bilateral negotiations, 
>CBI specializes in multi-stakeholder situations. 
>(As you might think, that claim attracted my interest when I learned of it.)
>Admittedly, significant work is required to 
>sufficiently bring them up to speed and 
>integrate them into the team in time for the LA 
>meeting. That is our plan. (I would have liked 
>that they had joined us sooner but that did not 
>happen.) CBI will also provide much needed 
>resources to enable us to step back for a big 
>picture look and maintain the current meeting cadence.
>With that in mind, the CBI staff will be 
>immediately available for consultations with 
>EPDP team members as part of their information 
>gathering process. The purpose of these team 
>member - CBI conversations is to develop the 
>most productive meeting in LA possible. These 
>meetings with CBI do not have to do with 
>substantive positions.. The CBI team are 
>impartial with respect to outcome; their success 
>is measured only development of consensus 
>positions. For that reason, I, Rafik or members 
>of the support team plan to not attend the CBI - EPDP member meetings.
>The CBI team is open as to the format / 
>attendance of these discussions. For time’s 
>sake, we plan to schedule a session open to all 
>on Monday, 17 Sept. If you have a preferred way 
>to communicate with the CBI team, you can let 
>the ICANN support team know or contact the CBI 
>team directly. They have expressed a willingness 
>to have meetings with everyone / anyone. Their 
>bios are below. Their names and email addresses are:
>David Plumb <mailto:dplumb at cbi.org>dplumb at cbi.org
>Gina Bartlett <mailto:gina at cbi.org>gina at cbi.org
>Toby Berkman <mailto:tberkman at cbi.org>tberkman at cbi.org
>I believe the inclusion of CBI provides a needed 
>skill set and significantly increases our 
>chances for success as they were a part of my 
>vision from the time of my earliest involvement in this project.
>I know this is a significant piece of 
>information. I am free to discuss this at 
>anytime via email, Skype (kjpritz), or phone (+1-310-400-4184).
>Please join me in welcoming the CBI team and 
>helping to realize their potential in helping us.
>Best regards,
>David Plumb
>David Plumb is a mediator, facilitator, trainer, 
>and researcher with experience managing complex 
>development and public policy issues in a 
>variety of environments, including Nigeria’s 
>Niger Delta, northern Chile, and urban United 
>States. David is CBI’s  Director for Latin 
>America and also co-leads the organization’s 
>Corporate Community Engagement practice. Prior 
>to CBI, he directed the Sustainable Business 
>Practice at Search for Common Ground. He also 
>spent eight years working as a financial 
>journalist and correspondent, mostly for 
>Bloomberg News. A primary focus of David’s 
>work is assisting communities, companies, and 
>authorities to interact more constructively and 
>engage in productive dialogue. He designs and 
>facilitates multi-stakeholder processes that can 
>provide a credible space for addressing 
>historical grievances and mistrust, as well as 
>exploring creative solutions for the future. 
>David also designs and implements participatory 
>processes that give citizens and key 
>stakeholders an active voice in making smarter 
>policy decisions, assisting governments to 
>develop new public policies with wider public 
>support. Within the ICANN community, David has 
>led a mediation process to assist LACRALO in 
>overcoming challenges that had been limiting its 
>effectiveness as an at-large organization.
>Gina Bartlett
>Senior Mediator Gina Bartlett also serves as 
>Director of CBI’s practice in the American 
>West. Based in San Francisco, California, Ms. 
>Bartlett has more than twenty years experience 
>as a facilitator and mediator in consensus building and collaborative
>planning on public policy issues. She has 
>extensive experience facilitating collaborative 
>governance and mediating high stakes multi-party 
>negotiations with government, nongovernmental, 
>and business leaders and decision makers. Her 
>internet-related work has focused on improving 
>relationships and trust on an international 
>monetary protocol. In recent years, she has 
>worked extensively on developing governance 
>structures to manage water resources in response 
>to new legal requirements in California. She 
>consulted with an international commission to 
>craft a negotiation strategy to address 
>long-standing conflict. She has facilitated the 
>jury selection for the international Resilient 
>by Design competition. And, she is reaching the 
>final stages of an agreement to manage 30 years 
>of conflict and litigation on Lake Tahoe 
>shoreline policy. Gina is a senior mediator on 
>the roster of the U.S. Institute for 
>Environmental Conflict Resolution. She holds a 
>Master’s degree in conflict analysis and 
>resolution from George Mason University, and a 
>B.S. in political science and international 
>relations from the University of Illinois.
>Toby Berkman
>Toby is a Senior Associate at CBI. An attorney 
>by training, he has more than ten years of 
>professional experience in project management, 
>including five as a facilitator and mediator. 
>His work focuses on helping organizations and 
>stakeholders collaborate and manage disputes 
>more effectively around difficult public issues, 
>both domestically and internationally. He is 
>also affiliated faculty at the Program on 
>Negotiation at Harvard Law School, where he 
>teaches courses on collaborative problem-solving 
>and dispute resolution to law students, 
>executives, and professionals from around the 
>world. At CBI, Toby has conducted significant 
>work in the internet/technology space, including 
>most recently: designing and facilitating a 
>multi-stakeholder dialogue on improving 
>governance of political speech on social media 
>platforms (ongoing); designing a workshop 
>curriculum on collaborative governance and the 
>Internet for the Internet Society (2018); and 
>designing and facilitating the program for 
>Summit.Ahead, a convening of policy 
>entrepreneurs to combine technology and human 
>capital to create meaningful employment and 
>opportunity for those who feel left behind in 
>the new economy (2017-18). Prior to joining CBI 
>in 2014, Toby worked as a civil litigator in the 
>copyright/IP practice group at Jenner and Block 
>LLP, with a focus on online copyright. Toby has 
>a JD from Harvard Law School (magna cum laude; 
>editor, Harvard Law Review) and an MPP from the 
>Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
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