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Thank you Rafik,


Just to note, the EPDP project package closes out the month of November. The Project Plan and individual work products can also be found on the EPDP wiki page.




Thank you.




Berry Cobb


GNSO Policy Consultant


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hi all,


I am sharing the communication I sent to GNSO council with regard to the timeline.






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Hi all,

I am sending this to share update from EPDP phase 2 with regard to progress and timeline.
You will find attached the project package which includes the adjusted timeline (page #2), project status and summary (page #3) and formal project change request (page #4), which are tools coming from the PDP 3.0 improvements, reflecting the timeline change, explaining the rationale behind it and the impact. 
You can also see the documents used in prior EPDP call for the timeline discussion and a rough plan to get the initial report published with the new target date in early February instead of Mid December.

We will have EPDP update as agenda item for the next GNSO Council meeting and I am planning to give more details there.  

Best Regards,


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