[Gnso-epdp-team] Reminder: small team A & B assignments for Thursday, 10 January

Caitlin Tubergen caitlin.tubergen at icann.org
Thu Jan 10 05:22:28 UTC 2019

Dear EPDP Team,


As a reminder, the small teams will be discussing the following purposes/recommendations during the small team meetings on Thursday, 10 January at 1400 UTC.


Small Team A
Purpose 1 - Establish the rights of a Registered Name Holder
Recommendation #12 - Reasonable access
Purpose 4 - Safeguarding RNH's Registration Data
Recommendation #14 - Responsible parties

Small Team B
Recommendation #13 – Controller Agreement
Recommendation #20 - Input to Transfer Policy review (incl. Question #5)
Recommendation #11 - Data retention
Recommendation #21 – Data Controller Agreements - EBERO
Thank you.


Best regards,


Marika, Berry, and Caitlin




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