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Hi Everyone:

Thank you to the Small Teams for their participation and work this week. Attached, you will find the first compilation of the conclusions reached by the Small Teams. This first compilation is of those topics where Small Teams A or B agreed on a conclusion either to keep the Recommendation wording as it appears in the Initial Report or agreed to an amendment based upon public comment.

Remember that the Small Teams reviewed and discussed the public comments of those Recommendations that appeared to be un- or less controversial. They worked to identify any issues or new information raised in the public comment that warranted further discussion within the Small Team. If the Small Team agreed on the existing text or proposed edit(s), these agreements were catalogued by the Support Staff for the purpose of sharing with the full EPDP Team.

To facilitate your review, the Support Team has compiled the Small Teams’ conclusions into a packet organized by Recommendation and specifically identifying for each:
(1)  The Initial Report Language of the purpose/recommendation
(2)  The proposed updated language of the purpose/recommendation (or confirmation of the existing language)
(3)  Small Team’s rationale

(For a complete review of the small team’s deliberations and considerations, please refer to the notes, action items and recordings that were shared with the full EPDP Team mailing list and posted to the wiki.)

The second packet, to be delivered soon, covers cases where the Small Team did not agree on wording or where it agreed on wording to address part of the concerns but not all. In this work, specific issues were captured to help the full group in its deliberation.

We request that each stakeholder group, as one, review the Small Team conclusions for discussion at the meeting in Toronto with the goal that we can approve some / all of these conclusions without discussion.

The Small Teams were designed to have representation from each group within the EPDP Team, with the goal that the full group would afford these agreements with a degree of deference. In the event, however, that you identify an issue with any of the attached agreements, please respond with the specific issue and a proposed resolution to the EPDP list. 

TIMING: To achieve the intended benefit of this work, each Team stakeholder group is tot review the packet and identify issues or disagreements (if any) in time for closure in Toronto. Given that we are on the eve of the meeting, we can allot time for the groups to deliberate once in Toronto. However, please review this packet beforehand as we think we can dispose of this set of recommendations with little or no discussion.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this work, and we look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Best regards,


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