[Gnso-epdp-team] why purpose 2 is relevant to ICANN's mission

Amr Elsadr aelsadr at icannpolicy.ninja
Thu Jan 17 15:06:15 UTC 2019

Hi Chris,

Thanks for this, but this doesn’t specify the extent of ICANN’s mission in the context of SSR. This needs to be defined imo.

As examples of what I do not believe are applicable; I don’t read any of the bylaws to indicate that SSR is the same thing as consumer trust/choice, or any overlap between SSR and DRPs. These are all separate issues as far as I can tell, that should not be conflated.

Thanks again.


> On Jan 17, 2019, at 4:52 PM, Chris Disspain <chris at disspain.uk> wrote:
> Attached is the explanation I am just giving to the EPDP team regarding purpose 2 and ICANN’s mission.
> Cheers,
> CD
> <ICANN's Mission and 3rd P Access to Registration Data.pdf>
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