[Gnso-epdp-team] Fwd: Thanks for the invitation to brief the SSAC EPDP WG

Benedict Addis bee at theale.co.uk
Tue Jun 4 15:45:44 UTC 2019

A message of gratitude from Steve Crocker hereunder.

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> From: Steve Crocker <steve at shinkuro.com>
> Date: 30 May 2019 at 15:05:12 BST
> To: Benedict Addis <bee at theale.co.uk>
> Subject: Thanks for the invitation to brief the SSAC EPDP WG
> Benedict,
> Thanks very much for inviting me to brief the SSAC EPDP WG yesterday.
> The discussion about how the EPDP WG will react, and particularly how the illustrative list of Groups might be (mis)understood, made an impression.  It intersects with some other thoughts I've been having about how to dissect this model into its components and how different constituencies might use this model.  I'm tentatively invited to present our framework to them a week from today.  I will make some adjustments in the presentation and try to avoid the implication that we've decided on a specific set of Groups.
> Feel free to forward this note to them and to express my thanks for their time and attention.
> Steve
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