[Gnso-epdp-team] BC Input on the Board resolution

Margie Milam margiemilam at fb.com
Wed Jun 5 23:32:58 UTC 2019

Dear All-

With regard the recent Board action on the Phase 1 Report – here are a few observations from the BC:

  *   Rec 1:Purpose 2: The BC agrees that Purpose 2 should be reworked in light of the recent EU Correspondence.   As such, the consultation with the GNSO should determine how to accomplish this change.  Under the current circumstances, it seems the EPDP is in the best position to suggest a change.  We propose to split Purpose 2 into two separate purposes:
     *   Enabling ICANN to maintain the security, stability, and resiliency of the Domain Name System in accordance with ICANN’s mission and Bylaws through the controlling and processing of gTLD registration data
     *   Enabling third parties to address consumer protection, cybersecurity, intellectual property, cybercrime and DNS abuse involving the use or registration of domain names

  *   Recommendation 12:  The BC agrees with the Board’s concerns regarding the ORG Field, and suggests that the EPDP update its Phase 1 recommendations to remove the deletion option.  Instead, the recommendation could be modified to allow the contracted parties to update any inaccuracies in the ORG field, as appropriate.

All the best,

Margie and Mark,
On behalf of the BC

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