[Gnso-epdp-team] Plan for Kobe meeting

Rafik Dammak rafik.dammak at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 02:06:54 UTC 2019

Dear EPDP team,

As communicated previously, we are planning to have our F2F meetings in
Kobe in order to prepare for phase 2. I will share ASAP a the guidance from
GNSO Council for phase 2 and what is expected from EPDP team to come with
for this period.

With regard to the questions asked in separate thread on membership
confirmation/replacement, The EPDP team is tasked to develop a work plan,
discuss what would be a reasonable pace of activity with accompanying
working methods, review dependencies and their potential impact on the
timeline, and identify what resources may be needed for phase 2. The
proposed work plan, timeline and resources identified will need to be
shared with the GNSO Council for its consideration.

As part of this task, it will be helpful if members come prepared to Kobe
with an idea of what commitment they are willing to make to phase 2 as that
will facilitate the planning process.

Please find attached the draft agenda for our sessions in Kobe and also the
mindmap on phase 2. We will have our sessions for the preparatory work  but
also meetings with GDD regarding implementation, and the Technical Study
Group to know more about their work and the impact on ours.

Please review the agenda and prepare for the meetings.

See you soon in Kobe, 神戸でじゃ、またね。

Best Regards,

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