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Wed Sep 4 21:18:56 UTC 2019

Dear Team members,

Pls see in the mail below reply from the CEO and President of ICANN on my

Best regards

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From: Goran Marby <goran.marby at icann.org>
Date: Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: [Ext] EPDP 2 Phase Team questions
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Dear Janis,

Thank you for the questions. Unfortunately, with a busy schedule preparing
for the Board’s workshop this week, we are unable to provide you with
written answers at this time. We will be happy to discuss them in person
when we meet with the EPDP team here in the Los Angeles office next week.

The Strawberry team is available to meet any time on 9 Sept, or any time
before 1500 on 10 Sept. I am available on 9 Sept. from 0900-1000 or
1315-1400; or 11 Sept. from 1400-1500.

Thank you,

Göran  Marby
President & CEO ICANN
+1(310) 578 8690

Cássia Oliveira
Sr. Manager, Office of the President & CEO
cassia.oliveira at icann.org
+1(310) 578 8656

*From:* Janis Karklins <karklinsj at gmail.com>
*Sent:* Monday, September 02, 2019 5:38 AM
*To:* Goran Marby; gnso-epdp-lead at icann.org
*Subject:* [Ext] EPDP 2 Phase Team questions

Dear Göran,

In preparation for the EPDP Team’s F2F meeting which will take place in Los
Angeles from 9 – 11 September, the team has indicated that it would
appreciate the opportunity to engage with you as well as the strawberry
team to better understand the current status as well as some of the
assumptions made in relation to the UAM based on the TSG model. In order to
prepare accordingly for such an engagement, the EPDP Team has identified
the following questions which it would appreciate a response to prior to
the LA F2F meeting to better prepare for and anticipate the best timing for
this engagement, which is of course also dependent on your schedule and

*Questions to ICANN CEO*

   1. Can you please provide details on the liability ICANN org is
   expecting to take on in relation to liability in a potential UAM?
   2. Can you please provide an update on ICANN’s status as a data
   controller/joint controller of domain registration data?

*Questions to Strawberry Team*

   1. Please provide the expected timeline in which the Strawberry Team
   plans to engage with DPAs.
   2. Have you met with any DPAs since the Marrakech meeting?

If possible, we would appreciate if you could provide the EPDP Team with
your feedback by Thursday 5 September noon UTC at the latest.

Thank you in advance

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