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Sun Sep 8 15:30:21 UTC 2019

Thank you, Milton. In my mind good input to stimulate discussion.

It would be good if team members would volunteer to do similar write-ups on
all so far untouched issues.

With greetings from DoubleTree hotel




From: Mueller, Milton L [mailto:milton at gatech.edu] 
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Subject: Memo on accreditation


Dear EPDP team colleagues:


Attached is a memo that is intended to clarify some of the issues related to
accreditation. It is meant to be an objective identification of the issues
involved, not an advocacy of a particular position. Specifically, I see two
distinct purposes that can be identified that people are often combining or
confusing when they discuss accreditation. This memo isolates them, defines
them, and tries to tease out their implications. 


I hope that staff/Janis can agree to distribute this memo when we enter into
accreditation discussions on the agenda. 


Dr. Milton L Mueller

Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Public Policy


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