[Gnso-epdp-team] EPDP-P2 Project Package - 30 June 2020

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Fri Jul 3 19:36:34 UTC 2020

Dear All,


Please find attached the EPDP-Phase 2 Project package that closes out June
of 2020. Note, this version does not account for the tasks completed this
past week. Additionally, staff would like to thank Ambassador Karklins for
his leadership during this EPDP. We enjoyed collaborating with him on this


Key Highlights:

*	Project Timing, Status and Health:

*	Project duration is listed at 94% which reflects a revised
completion date of 31 July 2020.
*	Percent complete is 95% reduced from prior period of 96% due to the
additional time required to deliver the Final Report by 31 July 2020.
*	Status has returned to "Revised Schedule" upgraded from "Target will
be missed" due to the Project Change Request reviewed by the GNSO Council at
its June meeting.
*	Health remains at "At-Risk" due to unstable agreements of key
recommendations of the SSAD.

*	Project Budget:

*	The EPDP-P2 was granted $760,000 following two resource requests
from the GNSO Council to the ICANN Board.
*	ICANN Org's fiscal year closed 30 June 2020, for which the remaining
budget was credited back to the reserve fund.
*	42.1% or $320,461 of the budget was utilized for professional
services and travel. $439,539 budget remained.
*	Of the $300K committed for travel, $136,287.48 was expensed. Note,
this is subject to a revision <$1K awaiting final expense reconciliation.
*	Of the $300K committed for legal services, $111,899.35 was invoiced
and paid.
*	The remainder of expenses were used for facilitation and remote
participation services.
*	No additional expenses to deliver the SSAD Final Report are


You can find the individual work products on the wiki:


As noted in our meeting on 2 July 2020, the following schedule is proposed:

*	5 July: distribution of updated draft Final Report.
*	6 - 10 July: silent week - opportunity for EPDP Team to review draft
Final Report and flag any minor edits (no reopening of previously discussed
& addressed issues). 
*	14 July: tentative EPDP Team meeting to address any issues that may
require EPDP Team input / guidance.
*	17 July: distribution of Final Report and consensus designations. As
a reminder, the Chair will make an evaluation of the support achieved for
the recommendations and publish its designation for the group to review. 
*	20 - 24 July: opportunity for EPDP Team to respond to consensus
designations, review by Chair of input received, if any, confirmation by
Chair of designation. 
*	24 July: deadline for minority statements.
*	31 July: No later than date for submission of Final Report to the
GNSO Council


Please inform the leadership team if you have any questions.


Thank you.




Berry Cobb


GNSO Policy Consultant


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