[Gnso-epdp-team] IPC/BC/RySG and others: requesting an extension on can't live with items

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Fri Jul 10 22:26:38 UTC 2020

I find myself a bit concerned about these requests for further delay. 
It seems to me that by now we ought to be pretty familiar with what's in the report. And we should be pretty familiar with how the different camps position themselves. 
While we need to review it for errors, consistency, and "can't live withs" (CLWs - why not have a new acronym?), a week should be enough time to do that. 
If it's not, I fear we are headed toward re-litigation of issues that ought to be very close to resolution.  
To be sure, if a SG has major CLWs and wants to propose a creative solution, that may take some time. But I was kind of hoping we were beyond that. 

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?For sure yes we Strongly support Marc's suggestion



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I too STRONGLY support this request.


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I support Brian's request.  Given the importance and complexity of our work it is important that we take the time to get it right.  Our task is not just to identify can't live with items and issues with a report that has gone through some fairly significant edits, but also to propose solutions to those can't live with items.  If we are to be successful this will require internal discussion, but also time to caucus across groups.


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Hello EPDP Staff and Leadership,

On behalf of the IPC/BC/RySG and other groups who I know feel similarly but with whom we have not yet been able to caucus officially:

We have been diligently working through the report during this silent week, and many of us have found it quite challenging to provide thoughtful and constructive comments on each recommendation in this short a timeframe. While we work recommendation-by-recommendation, many of us are also grappling with the report as a whole, and we need time to confer within our constituencies to understand which are our most pressing "can't live with" items, and to come up with creative solutions if needed to come to consensus.

We note that many of our most challenging and contentious issues were the ones discussed most recently. Taking just five or so days to review new language on our most important issues with our constituencies has proven to be quite challenging, if not impossible. Frankly, it would not do justice to all the hard work we have put in to get this far if we rush through the most important parts, particularly if consensus will depend on more thoughtful review and constructive conversation.

In light of the difficulty to accomplish substantive review and discussion in the requested timeframe, and with the goal of achieving consensus in Phase 2, we would like to request an additional two weeks to work through our "can't live with" items. If granted, we can commit to providing thoughtful, constructive suggestions on any remaining items by COB on Friday, July 24.

Thank you for your consideration.

Brian J. King?
Director of Internet Policy and Industry Affairs, IP Group

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