[Gnso-epdp-team] [Important] Agenda for Tuesday call & Suggested Approach

Rafik Dammak rafik.dammak at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 06:52:52 UTC 2020

Dear EPDP Team,

I have worked with the Staff Support Team over the weekend to review the
‘Cannot Live With’ items submitted and consider an approach to make sure we
spend the remaining time as productive as possible to get to the finish
line. As we indicated prior to this final review, a high bar was expected
to be adhered to for flagging ‘cannot live with items’ – this was not about
restating previous concerns that were not broadly shared or bringing up
completely new proposals. I do recognize that some of the
text/recommendations received a pretty big overhaul which may have resulted
in identification of issues that were not previously recognized, but at the
same time, I think we all also have a pretty good idea of where possible
compromise may be in reach and where this simply may not be possible. In
these latter cases we may just need to agree to disagree and of course,
groups can state their disagreement in any minority views you want to
attach to the report and/or specific recommendations.

So here is the proposed plan for Tuesday’s call:

1.     You are expected to review the following document (see
in which for each of the flagged ‘cannot live with’ items, either a
proposal or a question for EPDP Team consideration has been identified. Of
course, if you want to provide input prior to the call on the google doc,
you are welcome to do so.

2.     We will run through the list of items from the top to the bottom. I
will ask the Staff Support Team to introduce each item. Note that for those
items where there is a proposal, there will be no discussion at the point
the proposal is introduced, but groups are expected to make note of those
proposals that they do not agree with and would like an opportunity to
either further elaborate on the cannot live with item and/or other groups
can indicate that they can live with what is being proposed in the comment
(if positions have changed from previously stated opinions). I do ask
groups to be thoughtful about proposals flagged – it will not be productive
nor helpful to discuss topics that have been discussed repeatedly and where
it is clear that no agreement is likely to be found.

3.     For each of the items for which there is a question, we’ll set a
timer to focus our conversation on addressing the question. If it cannot be
resolved within the time allotted, we’ll try to come back to it later
during the call or Wednesday’s call, or I may make a proposal based on the
input received, similar to how it has been handled for other items.

4.     Once we’ve completed review of all the questions, I will ask groups
to identify which proposals require further discussion. Depending on the
time remaining, this consideration may move to the Wednesday meeting which
would allow groups to make their case on the mailing list and allow others
to respond, which will allow me to determine whether deliberating further
on the issue has a likelihood of getting to a compromise.

5.     By Tuesday’s meeting, we should also have received your input on
category 2 and 3 items – if there is sufficient time remaining, we may also
cover some of the flagged category 2 and 3 items, or do so during
Wednesday’s meeting. As a reminder, any items flagged will not get applied.
Please make sure you review these items carefully as there are some
substantive changes proposed.

As a reminder, there were a couple of follow up questions flagged for
different groups in the updated google doc that was posted yesterday (see
Please make sure to respond to these as soon as possible.

I know this must feel like an aggressive approach, but with the finish line
in sight, I believe we must put all our efforts into getting to the best
possible outcome for all. I hope I can count on your constructive input as
we start our final stretch of deliberations.


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