[Gnso-epdp-team] GAC Response to Consensus Designations

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Fri Jul 31 01:21:21 UTC 2020

This is rather disappointing. I don’t see any “failure to deal with data accuracy requirements.” As you know well there is already an extensive data Accuracy policy that ICANN requires registrants and registrars to adhere to.

GAC also should know that accuracy under GDPR is a data subject right not a third party right, and since our SG actually looks out for the interests of data subjects (and another big disappointment here is that national Governments in GAC have failed repeatedly to show any concern for data subjects) we think the current approach to accuracy is lousy but has nothing to do with the epdp.

Does GAC need to be reminded that the GNSO Council has already determined that any modification of accuracy policy would be a separate proceeding?

Milton L Mueller
Professor, School of Public Policy
Georgia Institute of Technology

On Jul 29, 2020, at 18:26, Kapin, Laureen via Gnso-epdp-team <gnso-epdp-team at icann.org> wrote:

Hi folks,

  Attached is the GAC’s response to the Chair’s Consensus Designations.

Kind regards,

Laureen Kapin
Counsel for International Consumer Protection
Federal Trade Commission
(202) 326-3237

<GAC redline edits Consensus designation table 7_29.docx>
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