[Gnso-epdp-team] Reminder of homework assignments due today, Friday 30 April

Marika Konings marika.konings at icann.org
Fri Apr 30 16:21:24 UTC 2021

Dear EPDP Team,

Hereby a reminder of the homework assignments that are due by the end of today, Friday 30 April (see also https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17qLMYb3HC7qGYPQveXbUq5ZSzvedrQ3t8AdVdrRIdrw/edit#gid=0):

·         By Friday 30 April<x-apple-data-detectors://5>, please put forward your group’s proposed response to the feasibility of unique contacts questions (i. Whether or not unique contacts to have a uniform anonymized email address is feasible, and if feasible, whether it should be a requirement. ii. If feasible, but not a requirement, what guidance, if any, can be provided to Contracted Parties who may want to implement uniform anonymized email addresses). Please note here that we have been given specific advice from B&B with a risk continuum, so we will work within that, and we will not entertain discussions seeking to obviate risk altogether. The staff support team has set up a google doc to provide your suggestions (see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lqLOkF1jaA2NK1hmYtG4jiY4x7V432maFh1Xlv5UeBM/edit?usp=sharing). Based on the input received, leadership with the support of the staff support team will aim to develop proposed draft language for inclusion in the Initial Report.

·         By Friday 30 April, please finalize your review and input on the remaining edits / suggestions that were provided on the write up (#16 – 22 + RrSG table & GAC updated proposal that can be found at the end of the document). If you disagree with a comment or proposed addition, please provide a proposed update that factors in the concern identified. As always, please provide updates in comment form. See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mHNvYWeyTGFhb--yDfWfTYNx_RVe1Bkl/edit

Best regards,

Caitlin, Berry and Marika
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