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Below is a pointer to our TPRC paper I will present on Thursday, 23
September.  Apparently we're allowed to update the paper between now and
the meeting, so feel free to let me know if you spot errors.

I've copied the title and abstract for your convenience.  There's a link to
the full paper within the site.



A Framework for Expressing Registration Data Directory Services (née WHOIS)

13 Pages Posted: 2 Aug 2021
Stephen Crocker

Edgemoor Research Institute

Date Written: July 31, 2021

The registration process for the Domain Name System (DNS) has evolved over
several decades. Access to registration data has traditionally been through
the WHOIS protocol, which is now generically described as a Registration
Data Directory Service (RDDS). Over time, complaints have accumulated
regarding three aspects of the system: data accuracy, privacy, and cost.
There have been many attempts to adjust the system in response to
complaints, but there has never been a fresh approach to examine the system
from first principles. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has
caused a significant change in data privacy considerations, but the change
has been broad and has not addressed the underlying questions of what data
should be collected and who should have access to which portions.

The work presented here provides a set of concepts and tools for precise
specification of the rules by DNS registrars and registries for collecting
and labeling registration data and specification of a variety of authorized
requests for registration data. These concepts and tools will make it
possible to compare competing proposals, formulate detailed studies to gain
data on the potential impact of alternative collection and access rules,
and manage evolutionary changes in the overall registration data ecosystem.

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