[Gnso-epdp-team] Proposed Agenda - EPDP Team Meeting #33 on Thursday 5 August at 14.00 UTC

Marika Konings marika.konings at icann.org
Thu Aug 5 06:14:17 UTC 2021

Dear EPDP Team,

Please find below the updated agenda with item #3 now including the comments that have been flagged for further discussion by the deadline. Note that we’ve also included the group that has requested that this comment to be further discussed so that you are prepared to introduce the comment and put forward your group’s proposal for what specifically should be further discussed that will assist the EPDP Team in moving forward the deliberations on this recommendation. Please remember to focus on any new information or views that have not been previously considered. Also note that for some items no clear indication was provided whether or not further discussion was required (no ‘Yes” or ‘No’ indication), but instead commentary was provided. For now, we have not included those groups or items on the list, but if you want to speak to these, please make sure to flag this during the meeting.


Caitlin, Berry and Marika

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Subject: [Gnso-epdp-team] Proposed Agenda - EPDP Team Meeting #33 on Thursday 5 August at 14.00 UTC

Dear EPDP Team,

Please find below the proposed agenda for the next EPDP Team meeting which is scheduled for Thursday 5 August at 14.00 TC.

As a reminder, please don’t forget to provide your group’s input on the discussion tables for topic #3 and #4 (see links below) by tomorrow, Wednesday 4 August COB. Also, please remember to review the the proposals that were put forward during last week’s discussion and were added by the staff support team to the discussion tables #1 and #2 (see email circulated on Friday - https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/gnso-epdp-team/2021-July/004020.html).

Best regards,

Caitlin, Berry and Marika


EPDP Phase 2A - Meeting #33
Proposed Agenda
Thursday 5 August 2021 at 14.00 UTC

1.                     Roll Call & SOI Updates (5 minutes)

2.                     Welcome & Chair updates (Chair) (15 minutes)

a.     Status of continuation of mediated conversations

·      Share proposed action items coming out of mediated conversations to date

3.                     Initial Report Public Comment Review (50 minutes)

a.     EPDP Team Question for Community Input #3 – see PCRT<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/169444210/gnso-EPDP-P2A-pcrt-Initial-Report-Recommendations_Rec3_v0.1.docx?version=1&modificationDate=1626785873000&api=v2> and Discussion Table<https://docs.google.com/document/d/17obZbKRbez851gYx2P-SQ2C5bF6V3TX9/edit>

b.     Review items flagged for further discussion

·      #1 (IPC)

·      #2 (RrSG, IPC)

·      #3 (ALAC, BC)

·      #5 (BC)

·      #6 (RrSG, ALAC, IPC)

·      #7 (GAC, ALAC, IPC)

·      #11 (BC)

·      #12 (IPC)

·      #13 (IPC)

·      #14 (ALAC)

     *   EPDP Team Question for Community Input #4 – see PCRT<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/169444210/gnso-EPDP-P2A-pcrt-Initial-Report-Recommendations_Rec4_v0.1.docx?version=1&modificationDate=1626786603000&api=v2> and Discussion Table<https://docs.google.com/document/d/111EAx9BuJphPwM22wsvG_oRxj27-r20r/edit>

·      #2 (GAC, BC, ALAC)

·      #3 (ALAC, BC)

·      #5 (BC, ALAC)

·      #7 (IPC, BC, ALAC)

·      #9 (BC, RySG)

·      #12 (BC)

·      #14 (BC)

·      #16 (BC)

·      #17 (BC)

·      #18 (BC)

·      #20 (BC)

·      #21 (BC)

     *   Looking ahead at next assignments:

·      EPDP Team Question for Community Input #5

·      Additional Comments

4.                     Proposed timeline to get to Final Report (15 minutes):

10 August – complete review of public comments

12 August – delivery of action items mediated conversations, confirm possible suggestions for further consideration.

17 & 19 August – consider suggestions for further consideration & agree on updates to report

24 & 26 August – consider suggestions for further consideration & agree on updates to report

27 August – publish draft Final Report for EPDP Team review, consensus call.

31 August – finalize report and address any outstanding items.

  *   EPDP Team input
  *   Confirm next steps

5.                     Wrap and confirm next EPDP Team meeting (5 minutes):

a.     EPDP Team Meeting #34 Tuesday 10 August at 14.00 UTC (tentative)

b.     Confirm action items

c.     Confirm questions for ICANN Org, if any

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