[gnso-igo-wt] FOR REVIEW & DISCUSSION: Draft IGO Work Track Initial Report

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Dear all,

I agree with Brian and support his request.



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Hi all,

Before providing any specific textual comments on the draft initial report, and in advance of our call Monday, we would like to see the attached high-level flow chart conspicuously added to the draft initial report so that anyone wishing to comment would appreciate this landscape.

As it stands, the complexity and nuance reflected in this flow chart is completely missing from the draft initial report (moreover it incorrectly frames the court and arbitration options being discussed as “interdependent, i.e., [to be] considered and adopted as a single package.”

The potential process flow – with all its time and cost (not to mention legal uncertainty) ramifications – in the attached chart is fundamental to the proposal for arbitration and if not included risks us receiving uninformed comments on our work.


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Dear all,

As follow up from the IGO Work Track call last Monday, please find attached a preliminary draft Initial Report for your review and continuing discussions. Given the plan to publish the Initial Report for Public Comments in early September, please note that the draft was prepared by staff and circulated to the full Work Track in the interests of time. As such, the current document does not reflect specific comments or suggestions from the Work Track leadership team.

To facilitate focused discussion and to avoid multiple versions of the same document, staff would like to suggest that, instead of “redlining” or editing the document, Work Track members post your questions, suggestions and any notes as to errors or inaccuracies to this mailing list for discussion, including on the upcoming Work Track call next Monday. We will be sure to note all comments that you post to the list, to ensure that all input on the draft report is discussed.

Thanks and cheers
Steve, Berry & Mary

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