[gnso-igo-wt] Proposed agenda for 22 February call

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Thu Feb 18 16:48:39 UTC 2021

Dear IGO Work Track members,

Following from Chris’ request (below) and based on the briefing paper he also circulated last week, here is the proposed agenda for our first call this coming Monday, 22 February:

  1.  Welcome (Chris) & Administrative/Housekeeping/Procedural Matters (Mary/Steve)
  2.  Clarify the group’s scope of work (as summarized in the briefing paper) (Chris)
  3.  “Tour de table” (All): Please be prepared to share your thoughts as follows -
     *   What is your interest in this work?
     *   What are the potential outcomes that you think might be possible from this work?
  4.  Open discussion (All)

  1.  Outline of next steps:
     *   Based on scope as understood, staff to create and circulate draft timeline and work plan
     *   Based on discussion, staff to compile and circulate agreed list of proposals, organized by “solution type” (category)
     *   Next meeting:

  *   Work Track to review draft timeline and work plan
  *   Work Track to discuss categorized list of proposed solutions for feasibility and compatibility with GNSO Council instructions and relevant GAC advice

  1.  Any other business

Thank you all for joining this Work Track. The staff team looks forward to supporting Chris and you in this work.

Best regards,
Steve Chan, Berry Cobb & Mary Wong

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Thank you all for your patience. We now have our first call scheduled for 22 February and, as promised, I attach a briefing paper with thanks to Mary Wong and Steve Chan for all the work to put it together. I hope you find it useful and please send any questions or clarification requests to this list.

You will see from the briefing paper that the scope and boundaries of the work of this group is very limited and I would like to specifically draw your attention to the paragraph at the top of page 3 which states:

"As such, the Work Track may wish to consider an early discussion as to the likelihood of it reaching consensus on an appropriate policy solution within the above framework that is also likely to be acceptable to the GNSO Council and the GAC, such as to be a solution that can be adopted by the Board as being in the best interests of ICANN or the ICANN community (as required under the Bylaws)."

It would help in our work if each of us could consider possible policy solutions that we think fit within the scope and boundaries provided by the GNSO and bring those ideas to our first meeting. We can then list of those possible solutions, add others that may arise in the group discussions and then test them for group consensus and consider the likelihood of wider acceptance. At this early brainstorm stage, there are no bad ideas, only useful contributions to get our work started.

I am very much looking forward to working with you all and will see you on zoom on the 22nd.


Chris Disspain
chris at disspain.uk<mailto:chris at disspain.uk>

+44 7880 642456

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