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Dear IGO WT,


On behalf of the IGO WT leadership team, please find a link to the IGO WT's
30 June 2021 project package. I have made one change to the delivery of the
package to only include a link to the PDF on the wiki vs. attaching it here.
This will help staff track access metrics for each period.

Link: https://community.icann.org/x/FwDQCQ 


1.	Page 01 - Summary timeline
2.	Page 02 - Project Sitrep - an extract from the Council's Project
3.	Page 03 - Group roster
4.	Page 04 - Group attendance for plenary
5.	Page 05 - Work and activity metrics
6.	Page 06 - Project Plan, Gannt chart
7.	Page 07 - Work plan & Action items for the period


Key points:

*	This is a point in time snapshot of the WT's progress at the close
of June 2021.
*	On page 2 of the package you will see that the task for delivering
our Initial Report for public comment on 3 August 2021 was downgraded to a
red condition. This is to signal that we will miss this committed
deliverable date.
*	The rationale for the missed date is due to ICANN Org's deployment
of the new Information Transparency Initiative Public Comment platform. This
unforeseen event is because the legacy public comment platform will not
accept new public comment proceedings or posting of public comment reports
until the migration is completed. The key dates of the platform moratorium
are 20 July - 30 August. 
*	The WT leadership team will be submitting a Project Change Request
(PCR) to the GNSO Council by 12 July 2021, its Motions and Documents
deadline, to seek approval of the date change. Given the external nature of
this event, the PCR is more a formality and it is expected to be adopted by
the GNSO Council without issue. We've already informed the GNSO Council
leadership team.
*	The WT leadership team also intends to leverage this extra time to
strengthen the Initial Report and make ready for public comment in
*	The WT Chair & Council Liaison will dedicate part of the agenda on
12 July to explain this in greater detail.
*	After the Council's acceptance of the PCR, the WT project plan will
be updated accordingly with the new delivery dates.


Please let us know if you have any questions. 


Thank you






Berry Cobb

GNSO Policy Consultant

Principal | BAC in Black Consulting <http://bacinblack.com/> 

Mob: +1 (720) 839-5735




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