[gnso-igo-wt] Updated Draft Recommendations Text and Process Flow

Steve Chan steve.chan at icann.org
Tue Jul 20 23:43:07 UTC 2021

Dear Work Track Members,


As discussed on the 12 July meeting for this group, staff was to take into account discussions held and amend the Work Track’s draft recommendations accordingly. Please find the working draft here (pages 1-4, with the previous version starting on page 5) https://docs.google.com/document/d/13gMZKUB0KEo1AP7pb5G_yWWsSRdFDDjgQO2RKEf9Bk8/edit?usp=sharing and attached in Word. The primary changes to this version include:

Removing option A for the Super Panel, leaving just the arbitration option.
Added some very preliminary rationale for the draft recommendation related to the description of IGO Complainant / how an IGO Complainant can demonstrate its unregistered rights. Note, the rationale for the arbitration draft recommendations will be added pending further Work Track deliberations.
In the arbitration section, included draft language on the possible choice of law as informed by the previous Work Track meeting.
Various minor edits to integrate comments from the previous call.

In addition, staff was tasked with developing a companion process flow. Please find that attached as well.


In advance of the meeting on 26 July, you are all of course welcomed and encouraged to share your thoughts on list.



Mary, Berry, and Steve




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