[gnso-igo-wt] definition of IGOs for the UDRP

Chris Disspain chris at disspain.uk
Mon Jun 28 09:23:09 UTC 2021

Greetings Kavouss,

At our meeting last week you raised a suggested amendment to the definition of IGO. The words we discussed are highlighted in red below. The Org team have been trying to come up with some wording that we could put to the group to cover the point  but are struggling to do so. We cannot think of any examples that would be covered by the wording in red but are not covered by the other wording in the definition. Would it be possible, please, for you to provide us with some examples of IGOs that you are concerned would not be within the ambit of the original wording?

(a) an international organization established by a treaty and which possesses international legal personality; or
(b) an ‘Intergovernmental organization’ having received a standing invitation to participate as an observer in the sessions and the work of the United Nations General Assembly, its relevant sessions/standing committees or in any of its Specialized Agencies (as the case may be) ; or
(c) a distinct entity, organ or program of the United Nations.”


Chris Disspain
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