[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Attendance and MP3 New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group - Monday, 22 February 2016 at 22:00UTC

Terri Agnew terri.agnew at icann.org
Tue Feb 23 00:17:13 UTC 2016

Dear All,

Please find the attendance of the call attached to this email and the MP3 recording below for the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group call held on Monday, 22 February 2016 at 22:00 UTC.

MP3: http://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-new-gtld-subsequent-22feb16-en.mp3<http://mailer.samanage.com/wf/click?upn=NrFWbrBstcrPWP369qgbqlXiSKeL20xnUXzI03ZqpsuDGgbutH3nVNCyFQnIoBtiue-2BHvCXn6Y1uXm4uS-2FvtSCDbIhVUs7OjHZovjnWKcJc-3D_nEX-2FaOijqgcJlSz5SkmueJu3tRbmaDiuX89gT35tStEeSHP9whdoceObpMxYsFLQddiMZpQjIv8dk6BsBGSJXH7VWN4SGLCJgbGKCk6E-2FTErjF4OKNQt65Dk9NF54IJ9kQpmDNySj7bbNz9G4dXi5BgbCZotTx8KNfyeB0z00f8KsMfETeTNKd7vy2kKI7tttQUIwid4NAhxXgT3nZYwmjmaV82-2BkDUePgqyHVMsZc2SHXmAt2lcAy5iiCqo9ILAPJzoPNzkmvgsu7NAInw77B21IRcj79yEpJtcEBo-2F1tyLtYCYQyDXRFWQ3Ma4UhwXyaLtM69RCKU6-2BBykQ5cYkzzwluOo4ZX9r96uQIMntjaQu6Hwc6xBeqmiYAK9ZsxSZMwmpimVA97zI8rvfNkecd3lqNFwH1tfAdjWcUO8Q9QDCVcsK-2Fcg-2FC3TZuefPxQ6MvB5H7zSBzfguEZwR7b3XDE33NloHNRZg7frZfrWPQC9M4pfCQv3Dk2DTzy3wJ2s>

The recordings and transcriptions of the calls are posted on the GNSO Master Calendar page:


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Wiki page: https://community.icann.org/x/RgV1Aw

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Terri Agnew


Adobe Connect chat transcript for Monday, 22 February 2016

  Terri Agnew:Welcome to the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group call held on Monday, 22 February 2016

  Terri Agnew:If you do wish to speak during the call, please either dial into the audio bridge and give the operator the password NEW gTLD, OR click on the telephone icon at the top of the AC room to activate your AC mics. Please remember to mute your phone and mics when not talking

  ken stubbs -afilias:can you send out the wg member list ?

  Michelle DeSmyter:Hi Ken - the link to the list is : https://community.icann.org/x/Ogp1Aw

  ken stubbs -afilias:thx

  Michelle DeSmyter:absolutely

  Jeff Neuman:Hello all

  Ayden Férdeline:Welcome everyone

  Michelle DeSmyter:Hello, welcome Jeff and Ayden!

  Iliya Bazlyankov:Hello all!

  Jeff Neuman:Thanks....excited to be working with this group!

  Bret Fausett, Uniregistry:Hello everyone.

  Robin Gross:Greetings from San Francisco!

  Stefania Milan:Hi there, my name is in the apologies list but I am here :-)

  Stefania Milan:hello everyone from Amsterdam

  Steve Chan:@Stefania, fixed!


  Khaled Koubaa:Hi everyone

  Stefania Milan:@Steve: thanks, that was quick!

  Steve Chan:We aim to please :)

  Julie Hedlund:Hello everyone!

  Phil Lodico:Hello all

  Sana Ali:Greetings!

  NEW GTLD:Hello

  Rubens Kuhl:HI all!

  Kiran:Who ia "NEW GTLD"?

  Jay Westerdal:Jay


  Julie Mowers - Amazon:Hi Everyone

  Craig Schwartz - fTLD Registry Services:Lots of very loud typing in the background.

  Susan Payne:hi all

  Leon Sanchez:Hello everyone

  Jeff Neuman:ITs impossible to gate crash an open party

  Harold Arcos:Hi all,

  Rudi Vansnick:waw what an audience ;-)

  Robert Burlingame:Hi everyone!

  Grace Mutung'u:Hi everyone!

  Frederic Guillemaut:Hello Everyone

  Phil Buckingham:Hi everyone


  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:my hand is up PAUL

 Rubens Kuhl:Cheryl, I think the introduction Paul asked will be helpful in identify multiple "hats".

  Ayden Férdeline:+1 Rubens

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:That helps in the get to know  you exercise...  but it does NOT assist in seeing Broad representation  where some of us are affiliated to  several parts of ICANN

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:AGree Jeff

  Craig Schwartz - fTLD Registry Services:yes, 90 minutes to start.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr: 90  and cut short if needs be...

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr: Also agree  Days  can be tricky  bt doodle it and YES to rotation of hours (yes I live in the antipodeas)

  Grace Mutung'u:Yes for rotating hours! It is 1am in this zone

  Amr Elsadr:The next gen RDS PDP also has rotating times, so may need to coordinate between the two groups.

  Amr Elsadr:Make sure they don't accidentally conflict with each other.

  Ayden Férdeline:The NextGen RDS PDP rotates once a month (it has 4 calls per month)

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:rotation of hurs alows sharig the "pain"  and probably allows us to shift over a day as well

  Steve Chan:And currently, it's on Tuesdays

  VANDA SCARTEZINI:yes, rotate is relevant and shorter groups also

  Jeff Neuman:If WHOIS is Tuesday, can we do Wed or Thursday?

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Staff should set up a doodle  but with awarenness of other regular meetings

  Jeff Neuman:Friday is bad because of weekends

  ken stubbs -afilias:steve chan has his hand up

  Amr Elsadr:This week's WHOIS call is on Wednesday, isn't it?

  Mary Wong:From experience, rotating times is preferable and less confusing than rotating days of the week as well.

  Robin Gross:CCWG-Accountability tends to be on Tuesdays.

  Susan Payne:if weds we need to avoid clashing with the rotating RySG ideally

Amr Elsadr:Early Wed. morning for those in Europe and Africa.

  Mary Wong:@Jeff, also, Friday morning for North America is Friday evening in Europe/ME and early Sat in APAC.

  Harold Arcos:+1 For use the Doodle and rotate times for encourage equilibrium.

  Jeff Neuman:Correct....and Monday morning is Asia is Sunday in North America

  Jeff Neuman:If we can do Thursday, i think that may be good

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:yup @Mary   the Days Mon : Thur UTC  works ok

  Stefania Milan:adding a yes to rotation and doodle

  ken stubbs -afilias:can we make the center page larger ?

  Grace Mutung'u:@Amr, is it on Wed or Thurs?

  Khaled Koubaa:@ken you can make it full screen

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Well some of us in Group # just work 24 x 7 for ICANN WG calls don't we ;-)

  ken stubbs -afilias:thx

  Steve Chan:http://gnso.icann.org/council/summary-gnso-wg-guidelines-06apr11-en.pdf

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Group #3

  Sara Bockey:@Amr, Yes it is.  I think 5 UTC this week on Wed

  Amr Elsadr:@Grace: WHOIS on my calendar is Wednesday at 07:00 local time. I hope I don't have it wrong.

  Khaled Koubaa:@steve : just to be sure is the chat room discussion will be recoreded as well ?

  VANDA SCARTEZINI:guess everybody agree

  Steve Chan:@Khaled, yes, AC room chat is captured and shared on the Wiki

  Amr Elsadr:Thanks Sara.

  Harold Arcos:Dear interin chair and staff, It is possible to count persons to support and disagree with doodle and to rotate times?

  Mary Wong:@Amr, @Grace, I believe the RDS WG calls are on Tuesdays at 1600 UTC except for the once-a-month rotation, when it is on a WEdnesday in UTC time.

  Amr Elsadr:@Mary: Thanks. That sounds right.

  Donna Austin, Neustar:I think we need a leadership team well experienced in leading working groups

  Rubens Kuhl:I favor what Jeff mentioned in the list that the WG will likely require work streams, so load-balancing does not to be achieved by the WG chairing structure.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Agree Donna

  Rubens Kuhl:WG chairing needs to achieve redundandy, but that only requires 2, usually.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:we have list traffic re all this

  VANDA SCARTEZINI:@ donna - + 1 relevant to make things follow smoothly

  Steve Chan:wrong button! sorry, calling back in

  Ayden Férdeline:I'm not sure if it is possible, but if we could please have a larger chat window that would be great :) It's hard for me see all the messages that are being written

  Kiran:Ayden, you can increase text size from the menu on the top right of the chat box.

  VANDA SCARTEZINI:CoI is relevant for sure Ken

  Bret Fausett, Uniregistry:Everyone has an interest in the results. That's why they are here.

  Susan Payne:@ken, I think we've got some fresh blood in here, but we definitely need leadership with experience

  Ayden Férdeline:Hi Kiran, I meant not so much the font size, but the number of messages in the chat box. When many people type, it becomes hard to follow the conversation in real time because my window fills up very quickly.

  Ayden Férdeline:whereas I do not need to see the agenda... i appreciate it is useful for staff and the chair, but maybe that could be a smaller box and the chat box could take up the full panel?

  Kiran:I admit to being wary about a "balanced" leadership team from a GNSO perspective... leaders should be impartial in their role and the suggestion of balance seems to sanction a bias.

  Rubens Kuhl:Also, people should not take for granted what those interests are. One example: a registry might have an interest to avoid new registries from coming into the market, while others might want the opportunity to launch new TLDs further to the one(s) already in operation.

  Kiran:While it's okay to have balance, we should concentrate on good strong leaders.

  VANDA SCARTEZINI:i do focus on huge skill and experience on charing WG

  ken stubbs -afilias:I support Jeff as Chair. He has the extensive experience that Donna mentions

  Karen Day:+1 Kiran

  Rubens Kuhl:I don't have a strong preferrence of chair/vice-chair x co-chairs, but I do prefer having only 2, no matter the roles.

  Phil Buckingham:Ken , the leadership team needs  to have a strong understanding , involvement in the Round 1 processes , procedures , programme . That is why I put my name forward as a NO 2 support  .

  Mary Wong:Note the following from the GNSO Working Group guidelines on the role of a Chair: "An experienced Chair withstrong leadership and facilitation skills will be a key ingredient of a successful outcome. He or she shouldbe able to distinguish between participants who offer genuine reasons for dissent and those who raiseissues in an effort to block progress. The Chair should have the authority to enforce agreed upon rulesapplicable to anyone trying to disrupt discussions and be able to exclude individuals in certain cases,provided an avenue of appeal is available."

  Mary Wong:And "The Chair is expected to assume a neutral role, refrain from promoting a specific agenda, and ensure fairtreatment of all opinions and objectivity in identifying areas of agreement. This does not mean that aChair experienced in the subject manner cannot express an opinion, but he or she should be explicit aboutthe fact that a personal opinion or view is being stated, instead of a 'ruling of the chair.' However, aChair should not become an advocate for any specific position. The appointment of co-chairs could beconsidered and is encouraged as a way to share the burden, provide continuity in case of absence of theChair as well as allowing group leaders to rotate their participation in the discussion. In addition, incertain circumstances the CO may decide that it must appoint a completely neutral and independent Chairwho would not participate in the substance of the discussions. In such circumstances, the Chair would beappointed by the CO.Ideally, a Chair should have sufficient and substantive process e

  Mary Wong:expertise.:

  Kiran Malancharuvil:Staff, can we add Bret to the list of nominees on the right?

  Alan Greenberg:Those of us who are old enough to remember Avri as GNSO Chair have little worry about impartiality. and ability to put personal issues aside.

  ken stubbs -afilias:+1 avri on new voices

  VANDA SCARTEZINI: @ alan, for sure... we all remember her and trust her as co -chair

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Agree Alan    your view here has my suport @Avri

  Stefania Milan:I wouldn't mind having... gender balance as one of the criteria (don't kill me, I am still a newcomer!). That's why I support Avri. Having observed her for a while, I believe she is a champion of impartiality

  Grace Mutung'u:When I grow up, I want to be Avri :)

  Kiran Malancharuvil:@Alan, everyone on the list is trustworthy, but we don't want to end up with a huge leadership team that is unwieldy, so we must support only a few unfortunately.  I would love to see Avri lead the discussion on applicant support if we split it up.

  Rubens Kuhl:Kiran, that could be achieved in that workstream, no matter the chair/co-chairs/vice-chairs.

  Kiran Malancharuvil:my point is that support for some is not meant to disparage others

  Amr Elsadr:It'd be helpful if Khaled could clarify what he means by secretariat.

  Jeff Neuman:And staff has been HUGELY important and valuable in these functions.  We could not do what we do without the policy staff :)

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Yup  Staff to do their usual fabulous Role for us please

  Khaled Koubaa:Thank you

  Rubens Kuhl:Not me, at least. I would prefer 2 instead of 4.

  Phil Buckingham:I would honoured to serve . My background is financial and strategic .and was involved in the financial evaluation last time .

  Mary Wong:The GNSO Working Group Guidelines allow for either co or vice chairs, and does not specify a preference for either so it is up to the WG.

  ken stubbs -afilias:@ rubens.. this will be a huge amount of work. we need to balance the load..

  Susan Payne:I think we need to appoint chair/co chair and acknowledge that we will probably have work stream chairs (or vice hairs, whatever term you want). I don't think we should be appointing this latter group before we have worked out the work plan

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Co Chairs  is my preference  with others comming in with the ST Leadership

  Rubens Kuhl:Ken, we will need to balance... but among a number of work streams, possibly 5...

  Phil Buckingham:take all five  !  there is a huge amount of work to do  !   happy to do a proposal

  Karen Day:1 Chair and 2 Vice-Chairs?

  Kiran Malancharuvil:Plus 1 to Susan... chair and co-chair with work stream leaders

  Rudi Vansnick:let's go for a vice-chairs concept

  Rubens Kuhl:Phil, we might have to figure out the work streams first, and then recognize better fits for such streams.

  Donna Austin, Neustar:Can we agree to two Co-Chairs and then work out the rest later. I think that's consistent with what Cheryl said.

  Susan Payne:+1 Rubens

  Stefania Milan:+ to Donna

  Susan Payne:and Donna

  Matthew SHears:+ 1 Donna

  Robin Gross:Given the number of leaders we need with all the sub-teams, we might not want to be too top-heavy and use up the "leaders" at the chair /co-chair level.

  Rubens Kuhl:+1 Donna.

  Phil Buckingham:Absolutely Rubens . best approach .

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:exactly Robin

  Nathaniel W. Edwards:Great point Robin

  Jim Prendergast, The Galway Strategy Group:Agree with Donna


  Khaled Koubaa:2 co-chairs and 3 vise chairs seems fine for me

  Alan Greenberg:Vice-charis would likely take on sub-teams.

  Rubens Kuhl:I don't think we need, or should, define something beyond defining 2 co-chairs.

  Rubens Kuhl:+1 Steve.

  Donna Austin, Neustar:Agree Rubens

  Jeff Neuman:It would be great to have this done by Marrakech if possible

  ken stubbs -afilias:+1 jeff

  Khaled Koubaa:+ Jeff we need to have leadership elected by Marrakech

  Mary Wong:Please mute your mics if you are not speaking, we are getting slight echoes. Thank you.

  VANDA SCARTEZINI:jeff- for sure  we need a clear structure for F2F meeting

  Susan Payne:if we can't do it now can we just do a doodle poll to sort out the leadership.  v quickly as we have less than 2 weeks to Marrakech

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:agree Susan

  Julie Hedlund:Hi everyone -- very happy to support this group!

  Jeff Neuman:It would also be good if we can have one more meeting prior to the F2F as well....but not sure if enough time to plan that.

  Amr Elsadr:@Jeff: +1, and would be a good thing if the Council confirms them there as well.

  Mary Wong:Again, please mute your mic if you are not speaking.

  Rubens Kuhl:Steve might want to either allow participants to scroll individually or block scrolling altogether.

  Susan Payne:@jeff, all, what about same time next week for a follow up, acknowledging that it's not going to suit everyone.

  Robin Gross:This audio seems a low level - hard to hear (I've got it set to 100%).  Can it be turned up a little?  Thanks.

  Jeff Neuman:@Robin....I was having a similar issue....reloading the site helped for me

  Robin Gross:ok - thanks - I'll give that a try.

  Kiran Malancharuvil:I have to drop early.  Will review the transcript/recording.  Thanks all.

  Jeff Neuman:Thanks Kiran!

  PAUL MCGRADY - GNSO Council:Thanks Kiran!

  Rubens Kuhl:It's also unlikely considering the gap between the GNSO recommendations and its so called implementation, the AGB.

  vanda SCARTEZINI:sorry was disconnected from adobe

  Donna Austin, Neustar:Thanks everyone, I have to drop.

  Jeff Neuman:There is also some overlap in the 5 groups.....for example, if we decide that an accreditation mechanism is a good idea for service providers, then perhaps that moves from the first workstream into the technical workstream.  Things are going to need to be fairly fluid.

  Jeff Neuman:This is a key point Steve....we should reiterate this at the next meeting

  vanda SCARTEZINI:@ agree with jeff

  Rubens Kuhl:Some deliverables along the way might be needed from each of the groups, instead of isolation and combine after.

  Jeff Neuman:Agreed Rubens.  When we in the discussion group created the groupings, we did so with the best of intentions, but they are no way infallable.  Groupings can and will change

  Jeff Neuman:Perhaps we should do March 1 then?

  vanda SCARTEZINI:Monday next week may be good before MArrakech

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:SO I assume we will try to meet next week then... IF we do I can not attend much later than this time of the week/day  I fly  next week  later in my day from this call

  Mary Wong:Marrakech session link: https://meetings.icann.org/en/marrakech55/schedule/thu-new-gtld-subsequent-procedures

  Julie Hedlund:Thanks everyone!

  Rudi Vansnick:bye till soon

  Khaled Koubaa:Thank you all

  Susan Payne:thanks all

  Jeff Neuman:thanks!

  vanda SCARTEZINI:thank you

  Amr Elsadr:Thanks all. Bye.

  Stefania Milan:thanks everyone

  Corinne Cath:thanks

  Ayden Férdeline:Thank you all

  Robin Gross:Thanks, all, bye!

  Denise Michel:thanks

  Yoshi Murakami(JPRS):Thank you

  Nathaniel W. Edwards:Thanks much

  Robert Burlingame:Thank you everyone

  Sana Ali:Thanks all!

  Harold Arcos:thanks all bye

  ken stubbs -afilias:thx

  Iliya Bazlyankov:thanks all. bye!

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Mary will you be sending icls out for the session ?

  Phil Buckingham:thanks

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