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Wed Feb 24 01:55:19 UTC 2016

I support the nomination of Steve Coates and think he would be an excellent Chair or Co-Chair of the working group.

Since I also supported Jeff and Avri, let me share my thinking on this. 

My instinct tells me that even if we just review all of the issues identified and come to the conclusion that nothing needs to be changed, we have a lot of work to do. If we decide that something needs to be changed or added, we will have even more work to do. 

Volunteer time is precious, and I welcome anyone who wishes to offer us their attention and effort. 

I support having Jeff, Avri and Steve act as co-chairs of the working group. I also support Phil as a vice-chair, or co-chair, if that’s the role he wants. Many hands make light work. I then would delegate to our leadership team the authority to designate one of their members as the lead, or rotate as the lead, if they think someone needs to take that role. 

            - Bret

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