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Good evening:

At first sight, this flowchart confirms my opinion that there should be NO auctions. The proposed procedure is so complex that, at best, it  will inevitably be associated with considerable delays and costs. Not to speak of the lack of transparency. Who would be responsible for the publicly accountable recording of the whole procedure and its outcome?

If there is no other resolution, strings in such contention should simply be withdrawn and held over for a future round.



> On 5 Dec 2019, at 23:21, Julie Hedlund <julie.hedlund at icann.org> wrote:
> Hi Jessica,
> Thanks very much for providing the flowchart.  That’s really helpful. 
> I’ve attached the document. Let’s see if this works.
> Kind regards,
> Julie
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> Team – During a recent plenary meeting pertaining to String Contention Resolution, there were calls from WG members to have ICANN Staff develop a workflow or diagram to show how Alternative 1 (Vickrey Auction Model) from the Summary Document <https://docs.google.com/document/d/16qDoiK6vydQp6a0v9tMvU2l5fcypJY24hCzTIVTjKwk/edit> would work and what that process would look like. Attached is a framework I put together when this idea first arose last year that illustrates the Vickrey Model and may address some of the outstanding questions around timing for objections… and it might save ICANN Staff from starting from scratch. 
> Again, just a framework, a visual to help launch discussion.
> Thanks!
> Jessica
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