[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Process Flow for Vickrey Auction Model

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Fri Dec 6 21:05:18 UTC 2019

> Em 6 de dez de 2019, à(s) 17:24:000, lists at christopherwilkinson.eu escreveu:
> Good evening:
> At first sight, this flowchart confirms my opinion that there should be NO auctions. The proposed procedure is so complex that, at best, it  will inevitably be associated with considerable delays and costs. Not to speak of the lack of transparency. Who would be responsible for the publicly accountable recording of the whole procedure and its outcome?
> If there is no other resolution, strings in such contention should simply be withdrawn and held over for a future round.

Such a mechanism could be called King Solomon's method, since it's equivalent to what he did to adjudicate a dispute between two mothers. We have experience using that method in previously registered .br domains, and it only made almost 10 thousand names to never be available. What we did to finally release those names into the market was exactly to move to an auction model.

Whatever mechanism we decide on, even choosing an applicant by chance like a lotto game or doing a beauty pageant, needs to be something that is able to reach a decisive result.


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