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Hi all,
I think Donna's suggestion to run through GNSO Council if request comes from Board or from Councilor FIRST to determine whether an issue is policy or is implementation and should be addressed by SPIRT makes perfect sense.  (Jeff may disagree with this.)

If issue is raised by staff, it should be reviewed by SPIRT and SPIRT should make a recommendation to GNSO Council as to whether it is policy or implementation.  (Any Council member could challenge and invoke a process that is in the Annexes.  This is true even if SPIRT treats the issue as implementation but someone on Council believes it is policy.)

I still believe it may be prudent to limit requests to the SPIRT team on which it commences work to those coming from either (a) staff or from (b) GNSO Council.  Community members can still give input to the Board, the GNSO Council, and/or staff.  It's just chatter until a written request comes

(a) From the Board to the GNSO Council and from GNSO Council to the SPIRT


(b) from staff to the SPIRT with a recommendation from SPIRT to the GNSO Council.

That would be my view of a possible compromise - not sure Jeff would agree.

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