[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Predictability Framework

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Jeff, I don't think it really matters which way you slice this process they will all create the potential for delays. The line between policy and implementation is very vague which is why I think it makes more sense to have the Council consider the question first rather, because they are the experts on this particular question, as opposed to the SPIRT.

I like Anne's suggestion about how to consider requests from the Board, community vs ICANN org staff and we should think about that some more.

It may be possible for the Council to come up with a mechanism that would respond to concerns about delay and make the consideration process more streamlined.

So I don't think we should reject any suggestion outright at this point and encourage others from the working group to contribute to the discussion.


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Thanks Anne.  I do disagree with this and probably didn't do well explaining why, but I will try again.

The GNSO Council is not intended as a body that can take quick actions.  It is not as if the GNSO Council Chair can get a request and use her or his discretion to forward it to the SPIRT Team.  The Council Chair would have to send it to the rest of the Council.  Then the Council does not have a process where it can approve the forwarding of the request to the SPIRT team immediately.  It would have to take that action at a meeting.  And if the request does not come in within 14 days before a meeting (I may have the number of days wrong), then it cannot be dealt with at that next meeting, but has to be dealt with at the following one or a newly set up extraordinary meeting (which could be up to 40+ days after the request comes in).

Then, if the SPIRT team is just going to discuss and recommend that it is a policy level change and must be dealt with through the GNSO anyway.  So, that process could take at least another 30 days to send it back from where it came.

So, in total now, you could have up to 70 days just to get to the point of sending back the request to the body that initially had the quest.  That is a VERY long time if the request is urgent.

We have to think of the gTLD Program like a business.  It needs to move efficiently.

If something is clearly policy on its face, then it should go straight to the GNSO to deal with.  But most things are never that clear.  And sending it directly to the SPIRT to get its thoughts and recommendations to help the Council and Community is essentially.  The Council can accept/reject those as it sees fit.

Please look out for an email from me in next couple of days with a better explanation about why this is needed.

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Subject: Predictability Framework

Hi all,
I think Donna's suggestion to run through GNSO Council if request comes from Board or from Councilor FIRST to determine whether an issue is policy or is implementation and should be addressed by SPIRT makes perfect sense.  (Jeff may disagree with this.)

If issue is raised by staff, it should be reviewed by SPIRT and SPIRT should make a recommendation to GNSO Council as to whether it is policy or implementation.  (Any Council member could challenge and invoke a process that is in the Annexes.  This is true even if SPIRT treats the issue as implementation but someone on Council believes it is policy.)

I still believe it may be prudent to limit requests to the SPIRT team on which it commences work to those coming from either (a) staff or from (b) GNSO Council.  Community members can still give input to the Board, the GNSO Council, and/or staff.  It's just chatter until a written request comes

(a) From the Board to the GNSO Council and from GNSO Council to the SPIRT


(b) from staff to the SPIRT with a recommendation from SPIRT to the GNSO Council.

That would be my view of a possible compromise - not sure Jeff would agree.

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