[Gnso-newgtld-wg] On copy-pasting applications

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Mon Mar 25 19:15:11 UTC 2019

Hi folks. 

On the theme whether there should be an ability for applicants to replicate responses among application, I believe we are mixing two different things:
1) If the application should or must have this feature
2) If applications should have dissimilarities among them from a policy perspective

On (1), I believe the relevant WT, comments and SG analysis should base the WG discussion, notably the alert by ICANN Org that more features equal more time and cost. But we shouldn't conflate that discussion with whether copy-pasting, even if done by the applicant on its own, should be discouraged or disallowed. 

On (2), I believe the relevant WG, comments and SGs already established that when the point of non-scored questions was analysed, and the full WG should consider that. But one thing that could help those reviewing the applications would be a comparative analysis. And regardless whether policy forbids such or not, that would be a useful aid for groups reviewing large number of applications. I only discourage making that a requirement, but expressing the usefulness of such a tool in the final report would at least allow someone at Org to argue for it to be contracted/created. 


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