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Rubens is correct.  And although the language states that the registries are free to deploy, it does not mean that they are free to deploy and nothing is disclosed.  Furthermore the 15 day period is not a back and forth negotiation with ICANN.  It is solely for ICANN to make sure the request is complete and for them to quickly analyze whether there are an security, stability, etc. concerns.

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Thanks Jeff.   I have followed up with the IPC pursuant to the "Action Item" from the call.

My understanding is that RSEP jurisdiction includes proposing new services and involves a 15 day "preliminary determination" period.  If ICANN org determines that the registry service does not involve significant Security and Stability implications or raise "significant competition issues" , the proposed new service can remain "confidential" and  the Registry Operator is free to deploy the new service after the 15 day period when ICANN determines no such issues are involved.  Hence, if I were a registry, I would rather have that discussion and determination made with ICANN Org than via public comment.    A description of the RSEP “preliminary determination” process is pasted below along with a link to the RSEP “workflow”.  Please let me know if the text on the ICANN website is somehow incorrect.


The text on the workflow states what is seen by registries that an RSEP is published while ICANN does security, stability and competition review.
It's only unpublished during completeness check, but as soon as it deemed to have all elements for a decision to make, it's published while ICANN makes such determination.

This can be seen in https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/rsep-2014-02-19-en : there are two requests by ZACR for Registry Lock in African TLDs there are listed as "ICANN Review". Everyone can see what those requests are and help ICANN make a determination.


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