[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Proposal on Prioritising Applications - prohibition on applying in a later round for a string from a prior round which has not yet been delegated

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Fri Sep 6 21:18:27 UTC 2019

> On 6 Sep 2019, at 18:10, Alexander Schubert <alexander at schubert.berlin> wrote:
> Hi Anne, hi Jeff,
> to give this a more practical approach:
> ·         ICANN should maintain a public  list that shows:
> o   Delegated strings (unavailable)

https://www.iana.org/domains/root/db <https://www.iana.org/domains/root/db>

> o   Strings that are in some way shape or form still processing and might be delegated in the future: (unavailable till resolved)
> §  In an accountability process (.hotel)
> §  upcoming auction (.merck)
> §  contracting (probably .music)
> o   Strings that won’t delegate – apply on your own risk - explain what the risk is (.home, .mail, etc.)
> The list should be permanently maintained and accurate. A link to the list should be provided in the AGB. The list should only show STRINGS (not applicants).
> I also noticed there is a number of applications which have conducted the ICANN auction – but they aren’t withdrawn. For example L’Oreal hasn’t withdrawn “.salon” – even when the TLD is delegated and they could cash in US $37,000. This raises the question why ICANN doesn’t automatically refund if the TLD is delegated to another party? At least we seem to need policy that once a TLD is delegated to another party: ICANN withdraws (cancels?) automatically and refunds. If ICANN can’t do it today (for lack of policy) then we should create such policy. We should generally avoid to have ANY “not withdrawn” applications unless these are somehow processing in some way. See .idn, .tata, .thai, .africa, .salon, shop !

I believe ICANN Org mentioned that in PIRR (Program Implementation Review Report), and this is indeed an addition that would make sense.


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