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My understanding is that the draft Final Report is out for public comment.  No doubt you could use that as a primary source for the time being.

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Hello, would someone allow me to publish a explanation of the SPIRT, I'd be interested in publishing something.

Please conact me.
Thank you.

Le lun. 24 août 2020 à 19:15, Jeff Neuman <jeff at jjnsolutions.com<mailto:jeff at jjnsolutions.com>> a écrit :

Thanks for your questions.  We did talk about this during the last couple of calls at the beginning of those calls, but I can restate the purpose.

We have scheduled 4 calls during the month of September (I believe).  Each Thursday.  We do not want to lose any momentum during the Public Comment Period and we know already some of the topics for which members of the community will have comment.  A number of these topics came up either on the mailing this or in our discussions of “things members of the WG couldn’t live with”.  During those occasions, the leadership team asked those members to put their comments in during the comment period (even though we had them already) because they represented a deviation from what we discussed.   She here are some of those topics:

  1.  Some members wanted to do a deep dive into the proposals that were submitted regarding Closed Generics.
  2.  Christa Taylor mentioned further discussions on Applicant Support in the context of auctions and to review Applicant Support as a comprehensive program.
  3.  Anne Aikman-Scalese (E-mail from 8/18) brought up an issue where a particular provision in the Predictability Framework needed to be a “Recommendation” as opposed to “Implementation Guidance” because it needs to be clear that if there is a conflict between the GNSO processes and SPIRT processes, the GNSO Processes need to control.
  4.  Anne Aikman-Scalese suggested as a topic to refine the CPE Guidelines to ensure they are up to date and are in line with our recommendations / Implementation Guidance
  5.  Jamie Baxter brought up the issue of discussing support/opposition letters and comment deadlines in the CPE context

We are still going back and looking at all of the areas where we told members of the WG to submit comments during the Public Comment period where there was some new information that we were not able to fully consider during the WG deliberations.

None of these topics, with the exception of #1, are likely to be the topics of public comments.  On the first topic (Closed Generics), the deep dive may help us when we do receive comments from the community.

I hope this makes sense.



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Subject: Why meetings

Hi Jeff and Cheryl,
Why are we planning WG meetings during the comment period?  Now is the time for us to work with our SGs and constituencies, the community and the public to help them understand the complex materials that we (WG) shared and work to help them find, form and submit their comments. As volunteers, this is all that can reasonably (and responsibly) be expected of us.

It is supposed to be quiet period in the WG.  What is happening/

Tx, Kathy

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