[Gnso-newgtld-wg] 8th Topical E-mail: Selection of CPE Provider

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This is the Eighth Topical E-mail on outstanding questions being "put to the list."  This covers an additional Community question stemming from the ALAC comments (Topic 34)

Remember:  We are down to the wire on this, so unless you have a VERY strong objection to these, we will put these into the document.  If you do have a big issue with the responses to these (all of which were previously discussed and in emails over the past 1.5 months), please let us know ASAP.  Only comments that provide the rationale for the objection with proposed replacement text to address the specific outstanding questions will now be considered.

Lets not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Comment from the ALAC:  The ALAC set forth some processes for the selection of the CPE Provider(s) - Namely, that there is a need for greater community participation in ICANN's engagement of a CPE service provider/panelists, in the following 4 aspects: (i) the development of criteria by which ICANN Org is to evaluate and select candidates; (ii) the shortlisting of identified candidates; (iii) the final selection process; and (iv) the terms for inclusion into the contract between ICANN Org and the selected candidate.

Leadership Proposal. Based on the discussions that took place on the call as well as in other discussions of similar topics, we would recommend adopting the following recommendation:

"The Working Group recommends that the process to develop evaluation and selection criteria for the Community Priority Evaluation Provider (CPE Provider) must include mechanisms to ensure appropriate feedback from the ICANN community.  In addition, any terms included in the contract between ICANN Org and the CPE Provider regarding the CPE process must be subject to public comment."

Please note that based on previous discussions, Leadership did not believe that involving the community in the actual selection of the CPE Provider had sufficient support or would be acceptable to ICANN Org.

Please have your comments (If any) by no later than 23:59:59 UTC on Tuesday, December 8, 2020.


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