[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Operational protections for registrants

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For consistency sake and ease of comparing this Final Report to the Draft Final Report and the Initial Report as well as the Constituency Comments 1 and 2, leadership is going to keep the name of the section as-is.   Although some of the “Registrant Protections” are spread throughout the report in various sections and this section mostly covers the EBERO functionality, given that we are at the end of the process, we are better off leaving things as is.  If the IRT and those working on the Applicant Guidebook would like to change the overall title, they are of course free to do so.




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Hi Jeff, Cheryl and All,
Tx for a good meeting yesterday. On a small note, I did not hear any objections to my suggestion that we rename yesterday's section slightly to "Operational protections for registrants."  This reflects the scope that Jeff presented and his intro and a clearer picture of the EBERO issues of the matter  I would ask leadership to consider for clarity.

Tx much,

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