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The intention was not to endorse any particular remedies, but rather to state the range of potential remedies.  And be pre-arranged, the intention there was to make sure that whatever the remedies were, that the possibilities were documented in the appropriate contract.  So, in a dispute between 2 parties that is resolved by an RVC, the settlement agreement would contain which dispute provider would hear the dispute, would require that the parties be bound by the decision , and would set forth the potential remedies that ICANN could impose upon the Registry if the dispute provider found a violation.  This way ICANN was not making up what the remedy would be, but rather selecting from the contractual options.

If you think there is a better way to word that, please suggest some language.

I hope that makes sense.


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Hi Jeff,

Just a quick question on page 48 where it states “…to enforce a pre-arranged contractual remedy, which could include sanctions and/or termination of the Registry Agreement.”

I don’t recall any discussion of the WG on what remedies there should be for alleged breaches of PICs and RVCs, but this language seems to me to be endorsing sanctions and terminations.  Even so, it refers back to “pre-arranged” so maybe that is what you meant, but it is not clear who would pre-arrange those.  Can you explain what this language is meant to do?  If it is meant to endorse those particular remedies, I don’t think that actually reflects any work we did and I think that language should be deleted from the draft.  Thanks!


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Resending per request.

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Subject: [Gnso-newgtld-wg] Review Revised Final Report - DUE Thursday 17 December at 18:00 UTC

Dear WG Members,

Please see for review the attached revised draft Final Report in Word and PDF, along with the Log of Final Report Action Items and Edits.

The redlines in the attached revised draft Final Report reflect the edits made by leadership and support staff on the following:

  *   Actions agreed to by the WG during the WG meeting held on 14 December 2020, as noted in the Log with page references.  These actions also were captured during the meeting and circulated to the WG.
  *   Proposed edits to Topic 23: Closed Generics and Topic 9: Registry Voluntary Commitments / Public Interest Commitments based on recent Working Group discussions.

The redlines do not include any edits based on Topical Email 10, because the deadline for comments on this email has not yet passed. If any edits are made, they will be included in the next redline.

Note: In reviewing the revised draft Final Report WG members are requested to limit their review to the redlines in the revised draft Final Report, and to focus only on errors and/or omissions, if any.  If any errors/omissions are noted please send them to the WG email distribution list, referencing the page number and text, respectively.

Please submit comments to the list, if any, not later than Thursday 17 December at 18:00 UTC.

Kind regards,

Emily Barabas
Policy Manager, GNSO Policy Development Support
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Phone: +31 (0)6 84507976

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