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Welcome Avri and Becky as Liaisons from the Board to our Working Group.  I believe this is a great development and will certainly help us as we move forward towards implementation.  Please see the note below from the ICANN Board Chair on the role of the two Board Liaisons.

As most of you are aware, Avri was one of the original Co-chairs of the group before moving onto the ICANN Board.  Becky, as most of you know, has had many roles in the ICANN community, both from the Private Sector as well as from the US Government, and was at Neustar during the last round of New gTLDs.  Both of them are well versed in the New gTLD process and we are glad to have them as liaisons.

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Subject: New gTLD SubPro WG Liaison Announcement


Dear Cheryl and Jeff,

I’m writing to notify you that two liaisons from the ICANN Board have been appointed to the New generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Working Group. They are Avri Doria and Becky Burr; and you may already be in communication with them in this regard. This email serves as official notification of their appointments.

I also wish to confirm that the role of the two Board liaisons for the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group is consistent with the expectation of the GNSO Council, that Board Liaison(s) will share on a regular basis any input the Board may have that will inform the SubPro PDP team deliberations and ongoing work. Similarly, Board Liaison(s) are expected to keep the Board informed concerning the status of the SubPro PDP Team deliberations. The Board Liaison(s) are not expected to advocate for any position and/or participate in any SubPro Team consensus calls. Please inform the GNSO Council accordingly.

Best regards,

Wendy Profit
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